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The future of retail and consumer markets requires digital transformation, flexibility and planning. From disruption to ecommerce, regulatory pressures, analytics and harnessing industry trends, PwC will help you grow as consumer behaviour shifts.

While the retail world might feel like it’s been turned upside down with increasing volatility in commodity prices, nerve wracking interest rates, declining consumer confidence and competition from both developed and emerging economies, it’s not all bad news.

Yes, consumers have pivoted, adopted new habits and embraced new retail industry trends like healthy, data-conscious and eco-friendly purchasing. And, according to PwC’s June 2021 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, these changes are sticking around. But, this enormous shift in consumer behaviour has presented a lucrative opportunity to revamp your earning strategies and find efficiencies to drive your bottom line growth.

Find out exactly where you can be successful with retail industry digital transformation and how to adjust any areas that aren’t working. We are ready to guide Australian consumer goods leaders, like you, through this inspiring era of change to ensure a better future despite growing competitive pressures, blurred roles between suppliers and retailers and a shift in the balance of power to retailers.

Who we are

In response to the current disruption in consumer markets, we offer your business a strong and reliable network of dedicated retail and telecommunications industry experts who will help you:

  • Extract value from your multinational operations

  • Develop a competitive advantage across the value chain

  • Ensure that all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met

We work with you to build brand trust, brand growth, and brand effectiveness. Regardless of the digital challenges you face, we have the expertise and capability to solve them all with specialists, across:
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How we can help 

Now is the time to innovate, take risks and define how you want your organisation to succeed. Together with our team of experts you can access the tools and insights you need to make a series of purposeful choices and moves that will propel you forward. 

In a period of transformation you need sophisticated, cooperative and insightful man power. Your dedicated team of PwC consumer market experts will augment your internal capabilities and give you a fresh, objective perspective on your most important strategic and operational roadblocks.

PwC Global Insights Series

Consumer-facing businesses worldwide are experiencing rapid and disruptive technological change. Join PwC Global Retail Leader, Kelly Pederson, and PwC Australia’s Consumer Markets Industry Leader, Brian Man as they explore strategies to navigate successful business model reinvention and the rewards for doing so.

 Explore the full video series here

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Consumer Markets trends and insights

In our latest series of retail, telco and consumer markets reports we have analysed Australian consumer experiences and behaviours to identify ways you can capture attention, build value and get ahead.

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