Federal Budget Insights 2021-2022

Delivered in May, the 2021 Federal Budget is key to the nation's business and economic recovery from COVID-19.

While Australia has navigated COVID-19 well, there is great urgency to act now and move from reactive to proactive reforms. As we shift from management of the virus to a potential long tail of economic recovery, the impact of this year's Federal Budget will be critically important.

PwC will analyse the Government’s updated budgetary response. Will the Treasurer re-focus on new and emerging issues? And what does this mean for business, the economy, our society and you?

Following the Budget announcement on 11 May, we will be hosting our annual Federal Budget Insights virtual event on Wednesday, 12 May 2021. The event will bring together government experts, business leaders and thought provokers to discuss the Federal Budget’s social, economic and political impact for business and Australia as a whole, as we emerge from the global pandemic. If you would like to express your interest in attending, please complete the form here


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