Enhancing and protecting one of your most significant assets

Our superannuation team provides the full suite of services and advice across all facets of superannuation to help clients navigate through the myriad of superannuation and tax laws. We offer administration and audit services for self-managed super funds (SMSF), helping trustees to help cultivate and protect their retirement savings as well as provide bespoke advice to individuals who want to nurture and grow their superannuation.

We advise employers to ensure they are super guarantee compliant, and provide support services to small-to-medium-sized accounting practices who want to access our superannuation expertise on behalf of their clients.


We can help you to:

  • plan effectively for your retirement by giving tailored advice on options for retirement savings, including whether or not an SMSF is appropriate for you.
  • manage personal deductible contributions where you are self-employed or salary sacrifice arrangements where you are an employee.
  • manage your superannuation if you have worked or are contemplating working overseas.
  • work through tax implications of receiving benefits and pension strategies as you approach retirement in order to find the best course of action for you. We can help you ensure your strategies remain relevant and appropriate to give you peace of mind.

Self-managed Superannuation Funds

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is a powerful savings vehicle and asset protection tool. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complexities of superannuation law to make sure your fund stays compliant and to protect your retirement savings.

Because we’re specialists, we offer expert guidance around areas such as:

  • using your super for investment in property or shares via limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • maximising opportunities and implementing strategies to enhance super savings
  • related party transactions, investments and in-house assets rules
  • queries or disputes with the Australian Taxation Office

We can attend to the annual compliance of an SMSF, including preparation of financial statements, member reporting, annual returns, tax lodgement, associated minutes and audit services (or liaison with your own auditor).

Independent SMSF audits

Small and medium-sized firms that offer SMSF administration, compliance or tax services risk breaching their legal obligations to provide independent SMSF audits if they audit those same clients. Outsourcing the audit to us ensures an independent audit is carried out in full compliance with auditing standards, professional and legal obligations. Where problems are identified, our auditors will assist with rectification and where needed, liaise with the ATO.

Small and medium-sized accounting practices

Advisory services

The strength of a smaller accounting practice is the close, enduring relationships you build with your clients. We provide you with access to our superannuation specialists who can complement your existing service offering by being able to access our deep technical expertise that some of your clients may need.

Our superannuation experts can advise you on the questions your clients have, provide specific one-off pieces of advice to you or your clients and if needed, negotiate with the ATO on their behalf, while respecting the existing relationship you have with them.


There are significant implications for directors and companies who don’t meet their super guarantee (SG) obligations for their employees. With the ATO now focusing on SG compliance, we can help companies better understand their obligations, ensure they are getting it right and where needed, help those to get their affairs in order. It’s useful to have experts on your side when resolving disputes with the ATO.

Our super guarantee health checks will help make sure you’re on the right track, looking at contractor arrangements, calculations and timing of contributions and whether you are compliant with SuperStream. We can advise on areas such as effective salary sacrificing for employees and how to meet obligations in a time and cost efficient manner.

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