75% of change projects fail because they don’t address people, organisational and cultural issues.

"PwC, Change is certain. Are you"

Accelerate and sustain large-scale or complex change by giving your people the skills, tools and support to drive new ways of working.

Contact us if…

  • You want to engage your people and enable them to drive and sustain change
  • You are concerned that a lack of a clear vision or a compelling case for change is hindering your change effort
  • You want to transform any component of your organisation


  • Understand the capacity and capabilities within your organisation to support the change
  • Develop the vision, benefits and case for change in your organisation
  • Design the best-fit change approach based on complexity, urgency of the change and culture of your organisation
  • Ensure benefits remain at the heart of the change – agree the measures of success and how to monitor them
  • Assess and improve existing change programs that are not working


  • Work with your people to build change ownership and capability for the future
  • Involve your people to engage with, own and drive the change
  • Design tools and processes to manage change, project and programs effectively
  • Design the processes and provide the tools to manage change, projects and programs effectively

Manage and Support

  • Empower leaders with the skills to lead through change
  • Make sure systems, processes and culture reinforce change
  • Align culture, technology and environment to create new ways of working
  • Provide ongoing support to help you to continually evolve your thinking and drive continuous improvement

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