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Capitalising on conversational commerce

The conversational commerce opportunity

The conversation commerce opportunity has application across sectors including telecommunications, financial services, education and utilities. Conversation will be the next natural interface for business interactions with customers as messaging platform usage is now outgrowing social platforms. Enhance your customer experience by speaking to them in the way they want - instantly providing accurate & consistent interactions.

Sustainably reduce your cost to sell, serve and grow by automating interactions with customers, reducing the effort required for sales and service staff.

'Sophie' is PwC's new conversational interface powered by machine learning. Think of her as your own digital assistant. Discover more about the conversational commerce opportunity which has application across telecommunications, financial services, utilities, education and more.

Automated service and sales interactions means customers complete their transactions quicker, whilst reducing labour involved in delivering interactions.

Reduced cost to service by removing sales or broker commissions for customer acquisition & retention opportunities.

Consistent and personalised customer experiences which continuously improve as the platform learns from ongoing interactions.

Reducing errors due to manual processing or missing information, in turn reducing the need for double handling, improving time, cost and credits.

Insight-based cross-selling and up-selling ensures no opportunity is missed while delivering customers relevant and useful recommendations.

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