Incentives and Innovation

We’re PwC’s Incentives and Innovation team.

Below is an overview of our innovation capabilities. We help organisations build and optimise internal and external innovation capability.

Join our Innovation Network

In the fourth quarter of 2017, PwC will be launching its annual capability network and we are extending invitation to a limited number of organisations across different industries. Find out more

Better understanding your organisation’s current innovation performance and how you can improve it.

Leveraging employee ideas to create new business models, improve processes, co-create with customers and partners.

Reporting on and improving the return on investment from your innovation activities.

Equipping executive teams, innovation leaders and employees in our organisations with innovation best practices.

Leveraging new ideas by collaborating with startups, universities, research and other organisations to pilot new ideas.

There is a rapid rate of change occurring in your industry due to factors such as disruptive technologies and globalisation. In order to achieve growth and maintain a competitive advantage, your organisation recognises the importance of developing leading innovation capability and optimising innovation performance.

PwC is a network of over 6,000 people across the country and over 223,000 people across the globe. We have a dedicated business innovation and growth capability both nationally and globally.

At PwC we have designed and developed a range of external and internal innovation programs. We co-design with our clients to develop and tailor each program so that the content is relevant and engaging for the specific audience that the program is being delivered to. We work with our clients to define the outcomes of the program and that the program delivers on these outcomes.

We have nine offices across Australia, we have the capacity to host and facilitate innovation programs in world class learning environments.


What we do

Innovation think tank, we host open Innovation manager’s think tanks to connect you with other Innovation Managers across a number of industries to share learnings.

Innovation assessments and reporting, get a personalised assessment of your organisation's innovation capability using our global innovation benchmark.

Innovation training, we run regular innovation training through bootcamps and hackdays for leaders and managers from different organisations (these are sometimes run in collaboration with innovation partners such as Queensland University of Technology). We can also customise training to suit your organisation. We have a range of tools and templates we share with participants during the training sessions which they can take back into the business.

Innovation platform, list challenges through our innovation platform. This allows you to obtain possible solutions from your organisation’s internal stakeholders or from external organisations including from our community of research organisations, universities, startups. For more information, visit

Bespoke innovation consulting, we can work with you through the execution phase to design and/or help deliver a program to incubate or accelerate ideas.

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