Upskilling for the future of work

Are you upskilling your workforce for a digital world?

  • 69%

    of adults want to learn new skills or completely re-train to improve their future employability

  • Only 23%

    of employees are currently upskilling through their employer

Australian business leaders know that the skills required for their workforces are changing dramatically, but are they doing enough to equip their people for the future of work?

PwC research shows that Australia is lagging our global peers when it comes to investing in new technologies and digital skills, with only 23% of Australian employees being upskilled by their employer.

Without digital upskilling, it will be harder for Australian organisations to innovate and compete in a world that is rapidly embracing automation, artificial intelligence and robotics, requiring new skills to manage the emerging technologies.

Meanwhile, employers are vying for a relatively small pool of talent with the skills needed for emerging roles, such as data analytics and critical thinking.

Lead through action

What is your business doing to upskill your workforce for the now as well as for the future?

As a business leader you have a significant role to play in investing in the right technology and equipping your people so they can thrive in an environment of rapid change.


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How we can help

PwC works with Australia’s largest organisations and employers – private, public and not-for-profit – to identify skills gaps and to support their workforce transformation journey.

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