The winning formula for accelerating performance

Accelerated Performance

New research from PwC reveals what leading companies are doing differently and how you can join them.

What transformation programs do the top-performing companies prioritise? And what benefits can be gained from an enterprise-wide investment into transformation as ‘business as usual’?

To find out the answers, PwC surveyed more than 3,000 business leaders globally including 464 in Australia. Our research identified a three-part formula, divided into 11 factors, that distinguishes the top 20% of companies.

Our research found the top performing companies do three key things:

  • seek the value upside in business ecosystems by using new business models
  • upgrade their operating models through managed services partnerships and technology
  • keep transforming by investing in opportunities and threats as they emerge.

Eleven factors, taken together, explain how top performing companies transform, operate, and grow. 

Click on a segment to find out how much more the top performing companies in Australia are doing this compared to everyone else.


  • Business model ready: 1.5x
    Frequently innovate digitally enabled business models to respond to shifting external environments
  • Ecosystem driven: 4.1x
    Participate in ecosystems to gain access to value through new data, insights, customers, and markets
  • Performance focused: 6.1x
    Become faster to market, more flexible, and more innovative


  • Transaction efficient: 1.3x
    Reduce time and resources needed to do business inside and outside the company
  • Boundary permeable: 2.1x
    Close operating model capability gaps through service partnerships
  • Cloud native: 1.8x
    Modernise across the back-, middle-, and front-office for improved employee and customer experiences
  • API first: 1.8x
    Support connectivity, integration, and value creation inside and out
  • Decision smart: 1.5x
    Leverage data science and advanced analytics to improve consequential decision making


  • Leadership fueled: 1.6x
    Recognise and respond to transformative threats and opportunities across a broad business landscape
  • Laser focused: 1.3x
    Target the distinctive activities that drive competitive advantage
  • Totally committed: 9.5x
    Prioritise and invest in top-to-bottom, end-to-end transformation

We found these factors enable dramatic performance premiums—and taking an integrative approach to all of them helps leading companies generate outsized advantage.

In Australia, one factor in particular stands out: the top performing companies are 9.5 times more likely to be totally committed by prioritising and investing in top-to-bottom, end-to-end transformation.

For example, the top performing companies in Australia are 1.6 times more likely to have recognised transformation as a top priority three years ago and 6.1 times more likely to have increased investment in enterprise-wide transformation by more than 30% during that time.

The companies who make it into the top 20% gain super-sized rewards, achieving more than 4.6 times the performance premium - the combined effect of profit margin and revenue growth, adjusted for industry - relative to the bottom 80% of businesses. 

About the research

PwC surveyed 464 respondents in Australia at director level or above with anonymised responses, in November 2022, from the following industries: consumer markets; financial services; technology, media and telecommunications; industrial, manufacturing and automotive.


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