Value Accounts

The Value Accounts series provides practical solutions to streamlining financial reports, making them less complex and more accessible


PwC is committed to giving you practical solutions to make your financial reports less complex and more accessible. Our Value Accounts 2019 series will help you streamline financial reports by showing you how to:

  • group content into logical sections
  • highlight important information by making it more prominent
  • use plain English and cut down on jargon, and
  • use colour and headings so readers can easily navigate financial reports and find related information.

December 2019 editions

The new leasing rules are likely to affect most entities and also introduce a number of new disclosures. The December 2019 editions of our VALUE ACCOUNTS Holdings and Reduced Disclosure publications show what they are and how the resulting changes in accounting policies may be explained to stakeholders. Other useful resources to help you adopt the leases standard are available on our IFRS – Financial reporting web page (under “New standards”).

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