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New Standards


The new revenue standard applies to every industry and every business from 1 January 2018. Its wide ranging implications go well beyond the accounting function given revenue affects many crucial business and control processes.

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For all companies, the new leases standard is either effective already or will become effective during 2019. The new standard introduces fundamental changes to the accounting for leases and will have significant business implications in virtually every industry.

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The new Financial Instruments standard brings fundamental change to financial instrument accounting. There are a number of decisions and choices to be made at transition to the new standard.

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Not-for-profit Sector

Not-for-profit entities are increasingly wanting to modernise their finance functions to meet current and future needs. We’ve outlined areas of interest for not-for-profit entity finance teams to better anticipate and prepare for change.

2020 Financial Reporting Update

PwC’s complimentary Financial Reporting Update was held on Tuesday 5 May. While the COVID-19 outbreak continues to significantly affect the world economy and leaders grapple with the immediate challenges of running their businesses in this environment, compliance obligations still need to be met, including financial reporting.

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You'll hear from our specialists on: 

  • Financial reporting impacts of COVID-19

  • The regulatory environment

    • top causes of restatements

    • questions asked of directors

  • Reporting requirements in Australia

  • Leasing - what we've learned

  • Other topical areas that may affect you


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