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Workers Compensation

Protection for workers: our economy’s greatest assets

As Australians return to the workplace in the wake of the recent pandemic, it will no doubt pose unprecedented risks, considerations and challenges to the workers compensation industry. But at PwC, we believe this gives the industry an opportunity to reconfigure how things can and should be done.

Our industry specialists serve insurers and workplaces across a wide range of professional services. With deep expertise across assurance, legal, risk advisory and consulting, our community of solvers can help you anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the sector as we move forward.

Let PwC’s community of solvers steer you toward a future that is sustainable for you, your community and your stakeholders.


Key considerations around workers compensation in the next phase

The effects of COVID-19 remain a powerful, fast-moving threat to societal health and wellbeing. In particular, key considerations for the workers compensation industry moving forward include:

Schemes should consider whether ‘special provisions’ need to be put in place. These relate to the worker’s eligibility to receive workers compensation benefits for a claim related to getting COVID-19.

Schemes will need to consider whether mandatory vaccine policies should be included in HR policies/conditions of employment, and if not, how to engage with employees to mitigate their risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace. 


Looking at presumptive legislation in particular, it will be important for schemes to consider the following: 

  • The definition of workers who the presumptive legislation applies to
  • The definition of the injuries covered by presumptive legislation
  • Will the presumptive legislation only apply to workers who contract the disease? 
  • Will the presumptive legislation apply to future variants? 
  • The duration that the presumptive legislation will apply. 


Recent modelling projects that there will be a significant increase in the number of workers compensation claims into the next phase of the pandemic. Schemes need to consider how their claims systems will cope if this happens.


workers compensation australia

How we can work with you

Remaining resilient and effective beyond the pandemic will present an enormous challenge to workers compensation schemes.

Our workers compensation advisory team offers a comprehensive suite of services that can help your business not only survive, but thrive into the future. At PwC, we can:

  • Share with you automated technology solutions to help calculate your compliance obligations
  • Help you strategise for a stronger future, by linking workers compensation outcomes to business KPIs
  • Support your business to make informed decisions using deep expertise and sophisticated analytics
  • Provide self insurance advice
  • Help you to prepare your business for the future of work

Our suite of service offerings

Our community of solvers are committed to using our collective expertise to find innovative solutions to these challenges. We can impact lasting, sustainable change for your business through the following: 


ssues can arise for employers and workplaces as a result of compliance being treated as a cost, rather than an opportunity to improve competitive advantage and smart risk taking. We have identified 5 Attributes of Highly Effective Approaches to Compliance. It’s compliance, transformed.

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Technology, digital and data

We’re focused on digital transformation for enhanced customer experience. For us, it’s about transforming workers compensation processes through streamlining, standardisation and automation. 

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Risk advisory services

Having the foresight and confidence to act on emerging risks can be a challenge for those operating in the workers compensation space. Our strategy is to ensure that the identification of risk is an opportunity to prepare, respond and emerge stronger. 

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Future of work

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. PwC can  help you to strategise to balance increasing demand in the number of workers compensation claims with developing a workforce that is fit for purpose.

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Regulation and corporate reporting

Our focus is on helping workers compensation schemes balance regulatory requirements with the need to transform.  We do this by implementing enhanced and effective frameworks to monitor and report on conduct, compliance and controls. 

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Legal services

For each problem your business faces, we package together the right mix of PwC lawyers, consultants, commercial advisers, financial advisers, accountants, strategists and engineers to help you build a solution in the most efficient way possible.

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