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Re-imagining and transforming the finance function to drive business results

Finance is doing more than ever before

The pace of change across all industries means that finance leaders face enormous challenges: fierce competition, uncertainty, the pace of technological change, tight margins, and the increasing need to do more with less. To make sure that organisations can meet these challenges, Finance must invest in new practices, technologies and skills. It must respond quickly to changing demands, gather and analyse data, and steer performance across the entire value chain. PwC Finance Consulting works with a range of clients across all industries, helping them to re-imagine the contribution Finance can make to their organisations. We help our clients to increase the value and effectiveness of Finance and to deliver significant, sustainable cost savings to their organisations.

What sets top performers apart

Our research has discovered an increasing gap between top performing organisations and other organisations in their industries. These top performers have many features in common.

  • They take less time to close and report results internally
  • They have more full-time employees in business partnering roles
  • They spend 20% more time on analysis vs data gathering
  • They have higher levels of automation without incurring significantly higher costs
  • They reduce the cost of their support functions by outsourcing or creating shared services

Find out more about what sets top performers apart by exploring our Finance Effectiveness Benchmark Study.

Explore our Finance Effectiveness Benchmark study


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How we can help

PwC Finance Consulting is an experienced team of Finance professionals. With best practices and proven methodologies, we can achieve excellent results in a short timeframe. We achieve these results by working collaboratively with our clients, ensuring a good experience for everyone involved.

Here’s how we can help.

PwC can bring the right expertise and work collaboratively with you to understand your strategic and operational challenges and are committed to helping CFOs solve important problems.

Our Enterprise Performance Management services help you to improve your organisation’s performance in every area of the enterprise. By working with us, you can review past performance, set appropriate targets, integrate business plans, improve internal reporting, and use analytics to predict future outcomes, so that you have the right information on hand to make strategic decisions quickly and confidently.

Our Finance Consulting team works alongside you to re-imagine the future of finance within your organisation. We help you to design a target operating model and to determine what skills and capabilities you need to meet it. We evaluate your current tools and technology, and support you as you implement new tools and processes. And we help you to equip your business partners with everything they need to drive this transformation.

Top-performing organisations reduce their costs through outsourcing or using shared services. At PwC, we help you throughout this entire process: determining which functions to outsource, selecting providers, negotiating contracts, setting up shared services, determining feasibility, selecting locations, and designing the service itself. With our help, you can manage the transition and implementation, and once these relationships are up and running, you can evaluate their performance and ensure their operational excellence.

Spotlight on Digital Finance

Digital in Finance is coming, but less than 20% of CEOs are ready

Digital technology is the biggest trend impacting business in the near term. It will change the role of the finance function - perhaps dramatically - but very few finance functions are ready to transform. 

Redesigning finance in the digital age

Making sense of the changing role of finance in the digital economy


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