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Delivering the complete advantage in deals from origination to execution.

Deals Strategy and Operations provides clients with the complete and clear advantage to go to market and deliver on a deal. Working across the entire deals continuum from strategy, design, and validation to execution – our approach is human-led and tech-powered, delivering insight and confidence to succeed at speed.

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Deals Strategy and Operations is a team of solvers who get commerciality, numbers, stakeholder and investor agendas, and deals pace — because we live and breathe it, and always have. 

Providing a real point of view, backed by data and insights, we tailor our approach and methodology in a way that suits clients’ needs. By seeing and solving the big picture, we drive greater clarity through uncertainty, shaping the organisation of tomorrow for seamless impact at an operational, strategic and customer level. 

Our team is made up of strategic, commercial, operational and financial experts. Our comprehensive suite of solutions include:

Deals Analytics

Our Deals Analytics team embeds data and analytics across the Deals lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-deal: working with our M&A specialists to help unpick key trends in the business and substantiate them in marketing materials (i.e. information memorandum).

  • Deal execution: working with financial and commercial diligence specialists to get deeper into data – both from the business itself (e.g. Point of Sales system) and third-party data (e.g. Australian Bureau of Statistics).

  •  Post-deal: working with our Deals clients (generally private equity firms) to maximise value from their investments.

In order to deliver this type of work, we’ve also developed and deployed a market-leading proprietary data platform. The Decision Analytics Platform (DAP) is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to quickly turn client data into structured data cubes for quick and efficient analysis. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and generates industry-specific, analytical outputs that can be easily shared and/or further customised if needed.

Deals Strategy - Strategy&

Deals Strategy combines expertise from our Strategy& and Deals practices to give our clients a clear deal advantage. By linking to our extended range of capabilities, our Deals Strategy support goes beyond traditional advisory services. Deals Strategy can help your business do the right deals and maximise deal value capture. Our propositions include:

  • Pre-deal: M&A strategy, portfolio strategy, sector insights and market reviews, target search and screening
  • Deal execution: commercial and strategic due diligence, and voice of the customer interview programs
  • Post-deal divestitures: portfolio company value creation (i.e. turnaround strategy, growth strategy, and international growth and market entry strategy), refinancing (independent business reviews) and exit planning, and divestment support.

Contacts: Chris Bartlett and Suzie Blinman

Investment and portfolio strategy

Our extensive industry and transactions experience supports financial investors and management teams identify and evaluate opportunities and make better portfolio investment and divestment decisions.

Commercial due diligence

We provide a thorough assessment of the business' strategy that covers deal rationale, potential synergies and the likely outcomes. We create a clear view of the potential for success, highlighting key risks and opportunities.

Exit readiness planning

We work with management teams and shareholders to prepare for and maximise value at exit. Partnering with our clients, we help develop investment hypotheses, prepare business plans, undertake primary research to support the deal strategy and assist with operational carve out.

Portfolio and corporate strategy

We work with our clients to develop a coherent, capabilities-driven strategy that aligns at every level. Only a coherent company — one that pursues a clear strategic direction, builds a system of differentiating capabilities consistent with that direction, and sells products and services that thrive within that system — can reliably and sustainably outpace competitors.

Deals Operations

Deals Operations accelerates a bidder’s understanding of a business’ value chain, core capabilities, operational scalability and value creation in a potential acquisition. We assess a businesses operating model and performance, in order to identify potential value creation opportunities, determine if operations are “fit for growth” and identify operational risks. Find out more about our Deals Operations expertise below. 

Divestitures and carve-out

Whether divesting or targeting a disposal, a carve-out process offers the opportunity to challenge and optimise the carve-out entity's operating model. We have experience of divestments ranging from standalone businesses to the most complex carve-outs, across a range of sectors, advising on both the sell and buy side. 

Mergers and acquisitions integration

Delivering deal value is far from a mystery, even in today’s dynamic deal environment. The most experienced dealmakers say they know what to do. But success is becoming harder to come by. Deal success comes down to execution. The three key aspects when working on deals are: value, control and people. This is what will strike a balance between integration and the core business. Learn more about how we're putting control back in your hands using the M&A Path platform.

Operational due diligence

We can help you in buying and selling your business by combining our specialised industry knowledge with our deal experience. Our team works with corporate and private equity clients to assess potential merger synergies, stand-alone performance improvement opportunities or key operational risks, on both the buy and sell side of M&A transaction.

Deal technologies

We assist clients through end-to-end deals services with a focus and lens on information technology (IT). We help identify how IT impacts value through M&A, disposals and restructuring activity

People in deals

We work with clients on a full range of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, business restructuring and capital events such as an IPO. We drive value for our clients across the entire transaction cycle providing HR support, culture diligence, pre-close services (related to people and organisation design), day-one planning and post-deal integration.

  • HR Due Diligence: Buy-side and sell-side analysis of the target / vendor company’s workforce and human capital; including red flags on key risks or price implications.
  • Workforce Optimisation & Retention: Workforce solutions including people transition programs, employee value proposition audits and employee retention programs.
  • Leadership & Management Effectiveness: Assess capability of leadership and management teams leveraging diagnostic tools, and provide ongoing leadership development and coaching.
  • HR Day 1 & Integration Planning: Developing a people and culture plan for Day 1 and beyond, including change and comms plans supporting change of control activity.
  • Change & Communications: Design and deliver communications and change program across the transaction cycle, delivering key moments that matter.
  • Culture: Assessment of organisational cultural traits and design of cultural integration or transformation programs to accelerate value creation objectives.

ESG Advisory

Our dedicated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Deals Advisory team supports private equity funds and corporates on their responsible investment strategies throughout the entire transaction lifecycle. Our work covers:

  • ESG strategy and approach: we support businesses looking to either establish or enhance their ESG strategy – including developing an ESG framework, policies and roadmaps, and reporting methodologies
  • ESG due diligence: on buy and sell side transactions, we identify ESG risks and sustainable value creation opportunities. Post-acquisition, we can help develop an ESG profile for the portfolio companies with a view to value-enhancing exit readiness
  • ESG portfolio monitoring: we can assist you in tracking the ongoing ESG performance of your portfolios, including developing tools that help you measure and report on KPIs against sustainability reporting frameworks.

Value Creation

Data-driven insights are key to evaluating opportunities that lead to value creation, while working through the M&A strategy. Our Value Creation team looks holistically at all aspects of our clients’ business, industry and market to identify future growth through the transaction. Essentially, we aim to sell businesses for premium multiples by getting future upside potential paid away by using data-enabled 'proof-points'. These proof-points - or distilled, high-impact, data-enabled insights - are then woven into the marketing narrative to showcase the ‘next wave of growth’ and compelling upside potential in the business.


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