Indigenous Education

PwC has undertaken a range of projects in the education sector that have significant Indigenous elements. PwC recently launched a new firm PwC's Indigenous Consulting (PIC), which is a separate firm that is 51% Indigenous owned, with a majority Indigenous Board, Indigenous leadership and a majority Indigenous staff. PIC operates nationally and is now Australia's leading Indigenous consulting firm. Recent Indigenous projects undertaken by PIC and PwC in the education sector include:

  • Undertook a national review of Innovative strategies for small and remote schools including in Indigenous communities
  • Undertook a series of capability building reviews for remote and regional Indigenous early childhood providers
  • Supported the development of an innovative community based-model model for quality indigenous early childhood
  • Funding review of a remote and regional Indigenous early childhood program
  • Developed an economic model for new funding arrangements for a remote and regional Indigenous early childhood program
  • Undertook a cost driver analysis for an remote and regional Indigenous early childhood program
  • Helped develop a charter for safety and well being for indigenous children and young people
  • Helped a government agency develop a ten year plan for Indigenous children and young people
  • Evaluated some parenting support programs targeted at Indigenous parents with children in the early years
  • Evaluated the impact of an NGO program focussed on Indigenous school children
  • Developed an approach and materials to assist in the state-wide roll-out of an Indigenous education pilot program

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