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Model Analyser

Financial models are used to support almost every critical business decision.

It is essential that you have confidence in your model, to ensure the information you are working with is accurate when making decisions which impact the future of your business.


What is Model Analyser?

Our Model Analyser is a two stage technology-enabled model review that uses our bespoke technology to analyse your model’s structure and contents, and report on its risk and complexity KPI’s.

This analysis is used to design a targeted review approach prioritising the high-risk and high-complexity sections of the model. We report the model’s strengths and risks, and any issues we identify, which will support your business in providing information to boards, banks and Government.

When you don't need a model audit, you need Model Analyser.

Targeted, fast and cost effective

Comprehensive reporting of findings

Tailored insights and recommendations

Technology and analytics enabled

How could Model Analyser help you and your business?

Understand your model on a new level

Our suite of bespoke and third party tools can help you analyse and compare all technical characteristics of your model.

Understand your model

Introducing the Model Risk Diagnostic

The Model Risk Diagnostic is a fully-automated report which analyses your model against the lead indicators of risk in financial models, and benchmarks them against a pool of similar models.

The Model Risk Diagnostic gives you a summary of the results, and a detailed ranking for your model against each of the four risk categories.

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