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Delivering the difference in deals by rethinking the forecast.

Precise financial models form the backbone of confident business decisions. Only with the right information, can the right decisions be made. Always looking to the future, Deals Modelling delivers the difference in deals, by rethinking the forecast. 

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Present uncertainty calls for an unexpected approach when it comes to building trust in the accuracy of a model. Helping to solve our clients’ most important problems, we bring together the teams, training, and technology to quantify the qualitative, and realise tomorrow with real insights, today. Our teams take the time to understand the business problem first, then through live data sets, simplify it so that together with our clients, we can solve problems and create solutions in real-time.

As data sets grow, models are becoming increasingly complex. This calls for relationships that recognise the need to lead through learning and to help clients grow as their data does the same. Through world-class training with financial modelling experts, we equip clients with the transferable skills to transform their own business, and their own models, conducting the analysis they need to inform their key decisions. 

Our Deals Financial Modelling team designs and delivers financial models tailored to transactions. Our team is supported by a unique analytical toolkit, which we combine with the latest modelling technology and industry expertise. Our comprehensive solutions include:

Deals modelling

Using our established methodology, we design and build robust, transparent and flexible models that take into account all commercial and financial drivers to support:

  • Acquisitions
  • Refinancing
  • Joint ventures
  • Alliances
  • Contract bids
  • Asset disposal
  • Carve-outs
  • Capital projects 

Using our best practice methods, our team can analyse key commercial and financial drivers to support your business. We then design, build and review financial models to help understand the impact of different financial or commercial assumptions on business decisions.

Financial model review (model audit)

PwC is one of the world's leading model review teams, providing independent model audits for:

  • Infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPPs/P3s)
  • Sell side and data rooms
  • Buy side merger and acquisitions

Building financial models

Our team of experts can help build bespoke financial models and business models that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy-to-use. Together with our clients, we work to create and build a model that's tailored to their specific needs and requirements that can be easily integrated into their business.

Model assurance

Where the finance function relies on multiple models (and large models), we offer our model assurance service, which scans across a large volume of models to help guide on risk and provide advice and expertise on remediation.

Training and support

We can add to your in-house expertise by creating centres of modelling excellence within your organisation, enhancing your financial modelling and analytical skills, and establishing modelling standards and best practices.

Find out more about our Financial Modelling and Excel Training

PwC's Global Financial Modeling Guidelines

The key to developing high quality models and reducing the likelihood of error is to consistently apply industry accepted best practices. Adopting PwC's financial modelling guidelines will make your organisation's models more presentable, flexible, professional and robust. 



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Ian Bennett
Deals Modelling Leader

Being a financial modeller is something I’m super proud of. I’m passionate about the profession! At PwC, what sets us apart is our commercial and technical toolkit. That’s how we deliver those ‘wow’ moments for clients.

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