She's here in Cybersecurity and Technology

Women belong in cyber and tech. That’s why we’re here to stay.

Women make up just 24% of the cybersecurity workforce.*

In an increasingly interconnected world, representation has never been more important than it is today. The technology industry depends on diverse perspectives and experiences to influence the creative strategies that propel us forward in the fight against cyber threat actors. However, as in most industries, gender representation in this sector is coming up short. 

Women are vastly underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry, making up just 24% of the workforce.* In a field where women can and should contribute to the solutions that keep our world secure, it’s a gap we simply can’t ignore. 

*Aspen Institute Research

At PwC, we can be a force for change. 

PwC is committed to a culture of care and belonging. It’s a place for people to build their futures and a place that provides everyday support to learn and grow. 

We believe gender diversity is critical to the strength of our business -- and we’ve made significant progress in this area -- as evidenced by the growth in the number of women in PwC leadership roles around the world. 

There is, of course, a lot more work to do. 

Our 'She's here in Cybersecurity and Technology' program is redefining the narrative around women in the cybersecurity and technology workforce. By empowering female voices, we’re letting women around the world know that not only is there a place for you in technology, but that the industry needs your unique perspectives.

Women belong in cyber and tech. That’s why we’re here to stay. 

How are we shattering the glass ceiling?

At PwC, we’re committed to building a more secure digital society. Diverse teams lead to smarter and more innovative solutions, and it’s our mission to create a more inclusive cybersecurity and technology workforce.

Learn how PwC supports our employees’ continued growth.

We’re committed to attracting and retaining women at all levels to help us in building a secure digital society. At PwC, you'll be part of a growing practice, working with our specialist team of cyber security experts and professionals. Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll have the opportunity to join like-minded security professionals!

Here at PwC, we are infinite learners. Learning is embedded into our everyday work. With our New World. New Skills. Initiative, we’re investing $3 Billion globally to digitally upskill our entire workforce.

Our Women in Cybersecurity (WiC) community is dedicated to building a community that helps provide a path to executive leadership and mentorship opportunities, to inclusive networking and ways to advance your career. This community is a collaborative platform that houses WiC resources and is further connected through social media channels where open dialogue is encouraged.

At PwC, we offer comprehensive, flexible and competitive benefits programs. Our environment offers access to a wide range of choices that allow you to best fit your personal circumstances and lifestyle. Well-being is at the heart of our people and business strategy.

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