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PwC’s Global Trade Analytics platform

Utilise trade analytics to optimise your global supply chain

Maintaining central visibility and control over imports and exports is critical given the increasingly complex trade and regulatory environment.

As businesses expand their international trade footprint, this is becoming more difficult to achieve. Typically businesses have limited resources or are heavily reliant on third parties to manage trade information flows to the relevant trade regulators across their global operations. This puts integrity of data at risk, severely hampering an organisation’s ability to truly manage trade effectively.

In this increasingly complex trade and regulatory environment, businesses need to leverage analytics to ensure they minimise regulatory compliance issues, avoid delays in the movement of goods through the supply chain and detect trade based cost reduction opportunities.

PwC's Global Trade Analytics Platform

How PwC’s Global Trade Analytics Platform can help

PwC’s Global Trade Analytics platform is a cloud based tool that utilises your import/export data record from the Australian Border Force (ABF) to produce a comprehensive profile of your import and export activity.

Accessible anywhere, your trade activity displayed via interactive maps, tables and graphs which can be interrogated to a business unit, sourcing origin, supplier, customer, broker, country, port and product level.

How can you benefit from PwC's Global Trade Analytics Platform?

Central visibility of your trade profile without investment in capital intensive trade solutions

Graphical visualisations and a interactive user interface to enable simple but powerful interrogations of your import and export data

Minimal system integration enabling a fast, low effort and low cost deployment

Analytics and insights that provide comfort that you are customs compliant and not overpaying duty

Cloud based access that enables an ability to share insights with key internal and external stakeholders

What insights can you expect from PwC’s Global Trade Analytics platform?

Trade profiles and duty saving opportunities

Summarises trade flows with interactive tools enabling analysis of source locations/suppliers, destination ports, brokers, trading terms used. Provides stats on the utilisation of trade instruments, enabling the quantification of retrospective duty refund opportunities and the assessment of further potential duty savings opportunities.

Compliance alerts

Interrogates all inbound and outbound movements to flag ‘high compliance exposure’ related activity such as related party entries, exports to sanctioned countries, use of infrequent tariff classifications, export of prescribed goods etc.

Logistics network flows & cost mapping

Aggregates and maps all inbound/outbound shipments into a complete, end to end and interactive visualisation of logistics flows. The overlay of shipment cost supports analysis of cost effective shipping flows from origin port, through transhipment points to end destination.

Global aggregation

With the integration of trade data from other jurisdictions, core trade insights can be aggregated at a global level. This enables an assessment of duty rates by origin and import country, identifying high duty exposure territories and sourcing optimisation opportunities.

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