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Australian Trusted Trader programme

Unlocking the tailored benefits of Australian Trusted Trader programme delivered through PwC’s multidisciplinary network

We’ll help you unlock the benefits of the Australian Trusted Trader programme; using our deep knowledge of the scheme and our networks globally and into government to help your business realise efficiencies, cost savings and improvements.


What is the Australian Trusted Trader programme?

The Australian Trusted Trader programme is a differentiated regulatory framework designed to provide preferential treatment to international businesses who meet or exceed trade compliance and supply chain security standards.

The goal of the scheme is to provide a more seamless trading experience by providing simplified and more cost-effective trade arrangements to participating businesses.

As of 1 July 2016, the Australian Trusted Trader programme has launched and the Australian Border Force is accepting Expressions of Interest. There has been considerable initial engagement so early involvement, combined with a strong, clear application will be key.


Benefits of becoming an Australian Trusted Trader

Participating businesses will benefit from reduced regulatory red tape, streamlined and periodic reporting and lower supply chain costs along with a range of other commercial benefits. Australian Trusted Trader provides government with a tool for incentivising compliance, and connecting Australian international businesses into the evolving international trade environment.

At a macro level, the programme will create real benefits for the Australian economy, and Australia’s position within the global marketplace in terms of ease of doing businesses, and cost and attractiveness as a trading partner.


A tailored approach to becoming an Australian Trusted Trader

Our proven Australian Trusted Trader readiness assessment approach, designed to best fit your business circumstances, has delivered positive outcomes for numerous clients across the pilot and operational phases of the programme - cutting accreditation timeframes as a result of up front investment and critical analysis of business trade compliance and supply chain security standards.

Australian Trusted Trader is a core component of our broader PwC approach to international trade and supply chain optimisation. Our trade and supply chain philosophy is based on shared knowledge drawn from across our global network and tailored to suit Australia’s unique circumstances.

We recognise that every business’ global trade footprint and supporting supply chains are different.

Our supply chain experts are a critical component of the skill set we bring. Their depth of expertise and practical experience ensures optimal outcomes for our clients from Australian Trusted Trader, and that our advice takes account of the commercial and operational realities specific to your business.

To cater specifically for Australian businesses, we have combined our knowledge of global supply chain risk and security methodologies and built a framework specifically designed to assist Australian businesses assess their Australian Trusted Trader readiness.

Whatever your industry, and whomever your customers, we’ll work with you to tailor a custom approach to becoming an Australian Trusted Trader – giving you access to our network of experts in customs, trade, supply chain, audit, security, legal issues, digital implementation, value chain transformation and more.

Our deep knowledge and insight into the Australian Trusted Trader programme means we can help you navigate the application process and take full advantage of all that it offers.


Reduced supply chain costs

Benefits available for certified traders under Australian Trusted Trader will simplify and streamline supply chain process, resulting in reduced costs.

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Priority trade services

Australian Trusted Trader will provide accredited businesses front of queue access when seeking tariff, valuation and origin advices, duty drawbacks and refunds of customs duty.

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Speed to market

Accreditation may provide a significant reduction in physical examination, improving speed to market.

Trusted traders will also be afforded priority when goods are selected for inspection, and where appropriate, non-intrusive inspection equipment and techniques will be used.

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Streamlined reporting

Trusted traders can access simplified procedures for the clearance of imports/exports and consolidate import/export declarations on a periodic basis. Streamlined and periodic reporting will significantly reduce costs to import/export and may create opportunities for ‘in-sourcing’ of the customs broker function.

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Reduced cost to comply

Australian Trusted Trader has the potential to reduce compliance costs through self policing and five year review cycles. Certification will also result in a reduced risk of penalties and sanctions being imposed in the event of non-compliance as your Trusted status is recognised across the Australian Border Force.

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Duty deferral

Duty deferral allows trusted traders to pay their duty liability monthly on a deferred basis, similar to the current GST deferral system. This represents a potentially significant cash flow benefit.

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