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International Trade & Excise

Helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities of customs, excise and trade law

Avoid delays and paying too much

Inefficient import/export control management can lead to overpaid customs and excise duties, as well as severe delays in your supply chains. A breach of trade control regulations can damage your reputation and lead to civil and criminal penalties.

Recent times have brought several new and proposed free trade agreements creating greater opportunities for Australian businesses. These agreements mean more than just lower import costs and better penetration into export markets for Australian businesses. They rapidly evolve into broad economic agreements covering trade, services, mutual recognition, investment and triple bottom line considerations.

As global trade continues to grow, businesses that operate cross border or on a multinational scale need to ensure they have effective international trade strategies in place to deal with the issues that arise from: the continually changing regulatory environment; transfer pricing arrangements; finance and reputational risk; emerging bilateral and multi-lateral free trade agreements; trade policies, impediments and barriers; increased supply chain security and technology.

PwC's International Trade and Excise team assist our clients by removing duties, taxes and costs from the supply chain; eliminating delays, regulatory barriers and inefficiency in the supply chain; and complying with cross border trade and regulations.

Customs, excise and trade law

PwC’s Taxation team has an unrivalled knowledge of customs, excise and trade law. We’ll help you:

  • minimise your duty and compliance costs using our sophisticated Customs Duty Analyser tool
  • improve your supply chain
  • facilitate trade under preferential trading arrangements
  • settle disputes
  • liaise with authorities and trade policy agencies and
  • be in a position to benefit from programmes such as the Australian Trusted Trader.

Excise specialists

We advise on all aspects of excise, including:

  • classification
  • refunds and remissions
  • fuel tax credits
  • warehousing
  • internal controls
  • reporting, and
  • compliance.

Have you heard about the Australian Trusted Trader programme?

The rise of global value chains has transformed the nature of international trade and has led to more complex supply chains and a significant increase in trade volumes. These changes are driving a fundamental restructure of trade compliance requirements by both Government and global business' need to reduce cost and improve access to markets. ‘Trusted trade’ is recognised by Governments globally as a means of dealing with increasing trade volume, complexity and risks.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has launched the Australian Trusted Trader programme (ATT) on 1 July 2016, allowing the ABF to partner and reward international traders by reducing regulatory red tape, interventions, reporting requirements and supply chain costs along with a suite of other commercial benefits (such as duty deferral).

Successful execution and realisation of the full benefits of the ATT will be available only to those that can demonstrate 'best practice' in trade compliance and supply chain security and will ultimately provide traders with:

  • improved speed to market
  • reduced supply chain costs, and
  • improved working capital.

Learn more about how to become an accredited Trusted Trader. To have a more detailed conversation on the TTP and how PwC can assist you, please contact Gary Dutton, Ben Lannan, or Ross Thorpe.


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