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Corporate Value Advisory

Measuring and realising value from acquisitions, restructuring and investments

All business decisions impact value. You may be considering a transaction, transferring intellectual property, insuring your assets, engaged in a value dispute or considering the value impact of a new project or strategy. How will these decisions affect value?

We collaborate with our clients to measure, evaluate and advise to establish the true value of assets, capital expenditure, acquisitions and investments.


Value Consulting

Do you know the value impact?

All business decisions impact value, but do you know by how much? We apply a value lens to important decisions to bring a clearer focus on:

  • Short term actions versus long term sustainable value creation
  • Creating alignment between shareholders and stakeholders
  • Linking tactical financial decisions back to strategic objectives
  • The impact of disruption to existing business models
  • Making choices between competing demands for capital investment
  • Monitoring the value performance of the business portfolio including key initiatives and major projects
  • Communicating how management plans will deliver value, in response to activist campaigns

Value Consulting

do you know the value impact?

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Measuring value

PwC’s valuations team provide independent, objective, expert valuation advice including:

  • valuations for transactions, corporate tax, capital raising, internal share markets
  • valuations for public market transactions (independent expert reports)
  • valuation of tangible assets (property, plant & equipment)
  • purchase price allocation and goodwill impairment support
  • employee share option and incentive valuations
  • litigation support
  • superannuation infrastructure valuations
  • assessment of investments in unlisted assets.

Deal evaluation

Executing a successful transaction is no mean feat. Deals often fail to achieve their original financial or strategic objectives and many companies are not prepared for the speed and intensity of the deal process.

We help businesses identify, quantify and deliver the full value of the deal with greater speed, insight and confidence.

Our valuation professionals help improve the odds of success by increasing the level of diligence, including:

  • independent valuation advice
  • value driver and assumption analysis
  • benchmarking of value relative to other transactions
  • earnings per share (EPS) and equity internal rate of return (IRR) impact
  • model integrity assessment.


Tangible Asset Valuation and Advisory

What we deliver

PwC’s tangible asset specialists provide a range of valuation and advisory services relating to property, plant and equipment. Our specialists are dedicated and qualified professionals with expertise in engineering, financial accounting, and fixed asset registers.

Through our integrated consultative approach, we can tailor a bespoke solution to help you realise value from your tangible assets. We understand Fixed Asset Management best practice, and can assist your business to get there.

We have significant experience providing advice to:

  • Assess the value and utility of employed assets.
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and clarify asset processes and performance.
  • Assess the health of fixed asset registers and develop improved functionality.
  • Quantify technological and economic obsolescence.

Case in point: International power generation portfolio

The situation: An energy company with over 900 megawatts of renewable power generation across 80 projects worldwide required a valuation for financial reporting, tax, and stamp duty. The client faced a range of value affecting challenges, including unprofitable sites, overcapitalisation, change order variations, recent expansions, relocations, decommissions, and a subset of records that contained assets which did not physically exist (ghost assets).

PwC support: Our client sought support with obtaining a valuation that would withstand regulatory scrutiny and satisfy the company’s auditors. Our advice and deliverables included:

  • Credible valuation on a large and complex dataset with numerous domestic and international locations with consideration of the location energy industry for each region.
  • A reasonable but significant tax depreciation benefit on the asset revaluation.
  • Rebuild of the fixed asset register for a particular geographic location with poor records.
  • Support and defence of our position to the Office of State Revenue.

The result: The client has booked a significant tax depreciation benefit and has confidence that the advice provided was reasonable, unbiased, and defensible. The client also now trusts their asset listing and can make informed decisions throughout the asset lifecycle; planning, acquisition, maintenance, utilisation, redeployment, and disposal.


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