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Major Banks Analysis: June Quarter Snapshot 2018 and Hot Topic: The Price is Right

Hot Topic: Can more sophisticated pricing create value for customers, shareholders and the wider financial system?

In an environment which continues to be unfavorable, and where the risks appear skewed to the downside, it is more important than ever for banks to identify distinct and achievable catalysts for upside in terms of both revenue and costs.

In this Hot Topic, we focus on products and services being offered today – even those that may be commodities – and consider opportunities to improve how they are priced. Perhaps contrary to intuition, more sophisticated pricing can create value for banks and their shareholders, and not necessarily at the expense of customers. Rather, by improving the pricing, allocation and use of financial resources across the economy, it is possible to create value for banks and customers while enhancing the health of the financial system as a whole.


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Major Banks Analysis: Holding on, but looking for upside

Bank earnings (excluding special charges) continued holding on through June in the face of the considerable economic, competitive and conduct challenges. Given the industry outlook in place for so long, this is something of an achievement. Nevertheless, signs of future stresses are beginning to flow through to financials – even before considering the significant charges incurred for risk management and remediation which are dominating the banking agenda. 


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