Australia in transition

Our economy is in transition and with it brings a productivity challenge that impacts our nation, our citizens and many of our organisations

Australia's economy is in transition

With productivity, growth and wider societal challenges facing our economy, now is the time to innovate and push the boundaries of what we are capable of as a nation, in our traditional industries and as individuals.

Our new Australia in transition series aims to create conversations around new approaches government and Australian businesses need to take to help Australia realise its productivity potential.

The Australian people have, through good luck and generally prudent governance, been the beneficiary of 25 years of continuous economic growth. No other country can claim such sustained national prosperity over the same period. Indeed, over a period of significant global volatility, the Australian economy is only months away from breaking an economic growth record.

As a nation we need to be willing to take greater risk to jumpstart the economy’s engine. We cannot just keep on doing what we have always done, and still expect to achieve these goals.

Whether as individuals, or as corporates, not-for- profits or government, we need to fight the urge to see the status quo as acceptable, and embrace the view that we need to take greater risks to jumpstart the economy’s engine.

We will be regularly updating this website with new insights and different perspectives so check back often to see the latest news.

PwC Perspective with Jeremy Thorpe: 'Is Australia facing the risk of complacency?'

In a recent PwC report we ask the question 'Is Australia facing the risk of complacency?' In this audio recording Jeremy Thorpe, NSW Government Leader, shares his views on what steps are needed to help realise Australia's productivity potential.

Listen to Consulting's Australia in transition podcast series

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Rt Hon. Lord Jack McConnell & PwC's David Sacks on education improvement

In this webcast, we outline the five steps that are critical to successfully bringing about constructive, concrete improvement in Australia’s education system.

PwC's National Education & Skills Leader David Sacks speaks to the Rt Hon. Lord Jack McConnell to get his international perspective on successful education improvement having led similar reforms in Scotland.

While education alone cannot – and will not – solve the many problems facing Australia, PwC strongly believes that further strengthening our education system through successful reform is a goal worth pursuing.


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As a nation we need to be willing to take greater risk to jumpstart the economy’s engine. Can we do this by learning from other nations? Or through innovation and increasing our digital IQ? Do we need new productivity measures to help us address the decline in our standard of living? Share your ideas via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts #AUinTransition.

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