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Ending Homelessness

Solutions to homelessness in Australia

At PwC we believe every Australian deserves the right to a safe, secure and affordable home. This is why we're committed to understanding what causes homelessness in Australia and finding practical solutions to end it. We are working with other homelessness and housing organisations to fulfil our commitment and make a greater impact.

On any given night in Australia, 1 in every 200 people is homeless. For those aged 19 to 24, that number doubles. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are also 10 times more likely to be homeless than the wider community. They account for 20 per cent of the 116,000 homeless people in Australia.

The causes of homelessness are complex and include:

  • A lack of affordable housing
  • Financial stress
  • Family and domestic violence
  • A lack of access to appropriate dwellings

The economic effects of homelessness in Australia

Beyond social injustice, PwC economic analysis shows the cost of homelessness for Australian governments is around $250 million annually in health, justice and welfare services.  The governments could avoid this cost by finding a way to move the most vulnerable homeless people - that is, 55% of the homeless population - to accommodation of a social housing standard.

solutions to homelessness in Australia

How is PwC helping to end homelessness?

Our purpose is to solve important problems and build trust in society. Homelessness is one of the important problems facing Australian society so we are helping every way we can by raising funds, giving our time, offering expertise and collaborating with other organisations across the country.

One of our largest firm-wide initiatives is The Constellation Project. PwC Australia is a founding member and along with Australian Red Cross, Mission Australia and the Centre for Social Impact, we have formed an alliance to end homelessness. We are bringing together our human ingenuity, NGOs, philanthropists, the private sector, First Nations leaders, and people with lived experience of homelessness to collectively change the system. Together, we are pooling resources, leveraging our networks, driving action and generating practical solutions for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness

We also encourage our people to get involved by:

  • Activating their PwC social impact time
  • Engaging in skilled volunteering
  • Taking on low or pro-bono work
  • Giving to the PwC Foundation Trust
  • Participating in awareness building activities and big fundraising events

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