The Impact Assembly

PwC’s Impact Assembly enables cross-sector stakeholder groups to collaborate and solve environmental and social issues at pace and scale.

How we work 

  • We foster radical cross-sector collaboration between organisations, communities and individuals that don’t traditionally work together. 

  • We bring together collectives to co-design and jointly own shared ambitions and strategies for impact. 

  • We change the nature of conversations from ‘me’ to ‘we’. 

  • We design and lead sustainable change - at a systems level - when linear and incremental change isn’t enough. 

  • We connect multi-dimensional perspectives and insights from across our networks - including lived experience, private, for purpose, government, academic, community, and subject matter experts.

The Impact Assembly

Who we are

We’re a team of passionate people that want to create a better future. 

We’re connectors, listeners, designers, systems thinkers, sustainability practitioners, radical collaborators, accelerators and change experts that put people, nature and practical impact at the heart of everything we do.

Our superpower is having a holistic view of the world, embracing yet simplifying complex problems and bringing non-linear, human-centred approaches that preference progress over perfection.

We specialise in 

  • Sustainability strategy and frameworks 

  • Impact strategies and theories of change 

  • Systems change and innovation 

  • Establishing and driving collectives 

  • Design, facilitation and education 

  • Evaluation frameworks and impact measurement 

What we believe

In the urgency to collaborate
There is no time to go it alone. The scale of change demands new partnerships across silos and collaboration at a level never seen before.

In an interconnected world
People, planet and prosperity are interconnected - you can’t touch one without a ripple effect - we hold them all in unison.

In business for purpose
Business is trusted and a powerful force for good that can work in step with the public sector, for purpose sector and community to create deep, systemic change.

Here’s a couple of examples of our work

Climate Leaders Coalition

Climate Leaders Coalition

The Impact Assembly facilitated the development of the CEO-led Scope 3 Roadmap for the Australian Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), providing practical steps for CEOs to follow to reduce scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in their value chains. Scope 3 GHG emissions account for between 65-90% of emissions for most organisations and are hard to address as they sit outside of one organisation's direct control.

Our involvement included developing five proofs of concept that saw supply chain partners collaborate, share data and highlight the commercial, financial and transformational requirements to reduce emissions collaboratively across their value chains. The work was seen as a global first, due to the practical ‘learn by doing’ nature of the work, and collaboration between 48 leading CEOs from companies. Through the work, proofs of concept identified scope 3 emissions reductions of between 11% and 42% in their value chains to align with 1.5’C.

As part of the roadmap’s launch, we brought together CEOs, Heads of Sustainability and other key stakeholders to explore insights from the work and agree how to scale its impact. Our ‘scaling impact on scope 3’ work continues in FY24, and includes the co-design of a Scope 3 Excellence Checklist, as well as the delivery of Scope 3 Catalyst sessions to enable members to collaborate with each other and experts to break through Scope 3 barriers.

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The Constellation Project

PwC’s The Impact Assembly with Australian Red Cross, the Centre for Social Impact and Mission Australia founded the Constellation Project in 2018 to identify and accelerate solutions to homelessness through cross-sector collaboration. Constellation Project has developed models and practical solutions to some of the key drivers of homelessness that can be implemented and scaled in Australia.  Our initial strategic focus was on increasing the supply of housing that is affordable for people on low incomes, which continues to challenge governments at all levels across Australia. We built a cross-sector network of over 2000 people and worked in small teams to develop potential solutions including a fully implemented model to maximise housing outcomes for state governments, a priority rental register for women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence, a housing boost aggregator to unlock private capital investment in community housing and a national framework for mandatory inclusionary zoning. The voices of First Nations peoples and insights of people with lived experience of homelessness have been central in the design and production of all work with Reconciliation Australia recognising Constellation for inclusion of First Nations peoples and perspectives. 

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Jacqui Jones

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