Digital Inclusion

Our vision is to help build the digital & cyber security capacity of the not-for-profit sector so organisations can better execute on their mission, in turn strengthening communities.

A digitally skilled workforce is essential to Australia’s continued economic growth. Increasing digitisation and automation means at least 90% of Australians will need to use some level of digital skills at work within the next five years1

Aligned to our global initiative New world. New skills, our focus is on building the digital fitness of the For Purpose sector as the key player in catalysing positive social change in Australia.  Not-for-profits (NFPs) play a vital role working directly in the community to support those who are most vulnerable. As a sector the digital divide means that some NFPs have greater access to digital resources and upskilling than others.  

Our work focuses on 3 workstreams: Skills, Assets and Collaboration.

digital inclusion overview

Ambition: Help to build digital capability in the NFP sector to ensure the sector has the digital skills needed for today; and the capability to meet the needs of their workforce of the future in driving social change.

Ambition: Create access to and leverage technology, tools and learning and development assets to improve the digital capability of NFPs and their beneficiaries.

Convene and support collaborative partnerships across sectors (including business, NFPs and academia) to address digital upskilling.

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Australia’s Tech Future - Delivering a strong, safe and inclusive digital economy
(Australian Government, 2018)

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