Comply First Time - Payroll Tax

Comply First Time is a technology solution that will automate the calculation of your payroll tax compliance obligations and provide sophisticated analytics capability and robust reconciliation and testing functionality. Importantly, it will allow you to instantly analyse payroll transactional data to find potential tax and declaration errors.

Employer benefits include:

  • Automatic upload and processing of data
  • Automation of payroll tax calculations and pre-filled lodgement fields
  • In-depth audit trail of payroll tax return workings and notes
  • Integration with the state revenue authorities’ SBR filing portal for automatic lodgement
  • Graphical trending, variance analysis and reconciliations
  • Fully customisable and in-depth data analytics and exception testing
  • Detailed payroll information to enable efficient identification of errors
  • Ongoing product and user support
  • More efficient processes, saving time which can be better used for true value add activities rather than preparing spreadsheets
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes on your indirect tax returns which can lead to penalties, interest charges or overpayments of tax
  • Ability to take control of your compliance process with integrated process controls
  • Ability to make Comply First Time your own with optional customisation and dedicated reports

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