PwC Virtual Studios

Creating virtual reality experiences for the enterprise

Virtual and augmented reality is taking over the world by force. How should businesses take advantage of this new technology? Virtual Studios is a team dedicated to creating experiences that will add value to your business.

Who we are

Our team is made up of passionate designers and developers who have a personal dedication to VR. We have a strong background in human centred virtual reality design in an academic and enterprise setting. Our experience covers a wide range of fields including:

  • Training/learning & development
  • Architecture/engineering visualisation
  • Data visualisation
  • Retail/product marketing
  • Health & wellbeing

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Our Approach

We use an agile methodology that allows us to co-create our work with our clients and their users through regular demonstrations and feedback sessions. We are proud of our work and we strive to demystify virtual reality to our stakeholders and the wider public. By staying closely engaged with the local VR community we have built strong connections which enables us to rapidly source specialist developers, designers, content producers, and 360 videographers for our projects. This gives us the flexibility to deliver cutting edge experiences for our clients.

What we create

Virtual reality is a fully immersive digital recording or computer generated simulation of a 3D environment that allows users to interact with the digital world in familiar, and sometimes novel, ways.

Mobile VR are virtual reality simulations using a mobile device, usually coupled with a headset such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Cardboard.

Mobile Augmented Reality is when a flat photo or video of the real world is overlaid with a digital asset. Mobile augmented reality is when this is done using a mobile device.

360 Film is video recorded in all directions, usually through a camera rig or an omnidirectional camera. Interactions may be overlaid on the footage to increase user engagement.

Multi-user experiences are typically done as multi-projector rooms without the need for headsets. This can be expensive but allow for increased user interaction.

Mixed Reality is a combination of the real world and the virtual world that enables a new space where the two can interact. Most mixed reality headsets interpret the real world as 3D rather than as a flat photo, which allows the users to place digital assets in real space.


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Contact us

Hugh Gaukroger

Virtual Reality Team Lead, PwC Australia

Tel: +614 6708 0799

Ming Chan

Senior Experience and Business Designer, PwC Australia

Tel: +614 0190 9208

James Lark

Virtual Reality Designer and Video Producer, PwC Australia

Tel: +614 0768 6956

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