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The Difference

We are The Difference. We challenge and inspire the way people work, think, act and connect.

What we do

PwC's The Difference designs programs of work and immersive experiences to help organisations solve their complex problems. We enable our clients to do months of work in only a matter of days, inspiring fresh insights and better business outcomes.

We recognise that every organisation is different and every set of challenges unique. We work closely with our clients to understand their context and objectives, so we can bring the right people together at the right time, and in the right way. This enables all relevant stakeholders to have the hard conversations, make decisions and address the challenges their business is facing.

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Why use The Difference

We help our clients explore ideas, align their perspectives and take ownership of their problem, so they can address the complex challenges in their business.

We draw upon the disciplines of psychology, neuroscience and human-centred design to create events, experiences and tools that help participants share different perspectives, work through areas of conflict and reach alignment. As a result, participants gain a more consistent understanding of their organisation's direction, strategy and implementation approach.

We create an immersive, stimulating environment that enhances collaboration and creative thinking, and promotes open communication. This enables people from all levels of the organisational hierarchy to contribute to designing, building and testing solutions to their problem. Working in this way like this shifts mindsets, cultivates a sense of ownership and builds commitment to decisions that are essential for driving organisational change and successful outcomes.

We carefully design, structure and manage parallel work processes that accelerates months of work into a matter of days or weeks. Following this, our creative communications team helps engage and inspire large numbers of people across the organisation – accelerating company-wide engagement and buy-in.


Solving complex problems

We work with a wide range of clients, from large corporates to smaller non-profit-organisations, across all industries and sectors.

Some of the problems we regularly help our clients solve include:

  • transforming organisation culture
  • developing and embedding new ways of working
  • improving how an organisation scopes and aligns around a particular issue or problem
  • creating better bids and proposals to win more work
  • developing ideas to inform strategic direction
  • discovering ways to make a new operating model work effectively
  • putting the customer at the centre of an organisation.

Our skills and expertise

Our team has a diverse mix of skills and expertise that all contribute to rich, immersive experiences. Areas of expertise we can bring to any client engagement are:

  • storytelling
  • psychology
  • communications and public relations
  • design thinking
  • business
  • behavioural economics
  • graphic design
  • augmented and virtual reality
  • video and motion graphics
  • web and app development
  • education
  • collaborative design
  • experiential discovery.


Rebecca Smith

Partner, The Difference, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 426 815 524


Megan Caulfield

Director, The Difference, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 415 823 144


Karyn Hobbs

Director, The Difference, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 416 224 901



Sonia Clarke

Director, The Difference, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 411 679 496


Gareth Coombs

Director, The Difference, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 421 146 825


Kate Tedstone

Director, The Difference, Melbourne, PwC Australia

+61 419 972 812



Katie Reid

Partner, The Difference, Canberra, PwC Australia

+61 434 182 933


Chris Hara

Director, The Difference, Canberra, PwC Australia

+61 431 502 789


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