The Difference

We deliver outcomes that are strategically sound and creatively compelling.

Who we are and what we do

We connect diverse stakeholders with complex content and ideas. We help organisations collaborate to accelerate decision-making, reduce risk, find alignment and reimagine possibility. We create experiences that facilitate education, engagement and exploration, focusing on outcomes rather than outputs.

In PwC’s The Difference, it is not uncommon to work with a scientist, an illustrator or a psychologist. What all of our Creative Strategists share is a passion for designing for humans and an ability to create conditions that enable new possibilities. We specialise in:

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Why The Difference?

Why The Difference?

We enable our clients to do months of work in a short amount of time. Our approach to co-design and strategy development enables underlying issues to be identified and  addressed, new ideas to emerge, and the people impacted to be part of the solution. We create the conditions for complex problems to be solved.

A critical part of solving problems is building trust. It’s something that must be considered and designed for from the beginning. Regardless of how rigorous or technically sound a solution is, if it doesn’t resonate, isn’t positioned well, or people don’t believe it – it won’t make an impact.

Our approach centres on:

  • Bringing the best thinking, insights and expertise together
  • Articulating complexity in different and surprising ways, to engage people and create deeper understanding
  • Placing people at the centre and giving them more of a voice and influence
  • Helping large, diverse teams align and accelerate to learn faster and deliver with less risk
  • Designing better outcomes that achieve wider business objectives and acknowledge broader system challenges and opportunities



“Delivering value at the intersection of human and digital. Together.”


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