Research & Development

PwC's R&D team have a depth of knowledge across local and international grants and R&D tax programs

Our national research and development tax team provides R&D Tax Incentive (formerly R&D Tax Concession) solutions to a range of industry sectors including mining, engineering, telecommunications, software, construction and consumer products.

We can assist with R&D tax and government related grants, and International R&D tax programs.

Our team has a depth of experience in assessing, compiling and defending R&D claims and includes a large number of experienced R&D tax personnel with engineering and technical experience. Our national R&D Tax team can assist you in:

  • identifying R&D tax activities
  • evaluating R&D projects
  • calculating R&D expenditure
  • preparing R&D Tax Schedules for lodgement with the Income Tax Return
  • preparing R&D project documentation (companies must maintain internal documents detailing their current R&D Tax activities) for R&D Tax compliance
  • identifying appropriate process management and systems to ensure adequate R&D Tax documentation is retained
  • substantiating your R&D Tax claim
  • conducting R&D Tax training sessions.

PwC's R&D Cloud: Introducing a new way of preparing R&D tax claims


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The changing market

The R&D landscape is changing. Higher levels of review activity and scrutiny by governing bodies means businesses are forced to focus less on the identification of R&D activity, and more on efficient assessment, processing and substantiation of R&D tax incentive claims.

R&D Cloud helps you navigate these changes.

Introducing PwC’s R&D Cloud

PwC Australia have developed an online R&D claim management and assessment tool which can be tailored to your business and its R&D compliance.

R&D Cloud helps you prepare and substantiate R&D claims, leveraging PwC specialists’ knowledge and delivered to you using market leading technology.

R&D Cloud brings you:

  • Full flexibility in the process so your business can take ownership of your compliance commitment to the degree that you're comfortable with.
  • Provides process transparency to all levels of your business, from claim completion to substantiation.
  • Digital traceability to promote substantiation and clarity of company R&D.
  • Confidentiality can be managed as you feel appropriate with flexible authorisation

Reach out to your PwC professional or email Enterprise Digital to have a discussion about how R&D Cloud can help your business. 

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