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Global energy trends such as diversification of energy sources and asset classes, government incentives for clean energy technology developments and, perhaps most significantly, the decreasing cost of renewable energy sources (particularly solar and wind) have seen a rapid deployment of renewable generating capacity throughout the world.

Australia’s renewable energy market has now largely overcome its political risk issues, and is once again attracting massive interest from developers, contractors, manufacturers and local and international investors.

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Utility scale solar PV projects

To help guide a solar PV facility from initiation to operation

The road ahead

Gaining momentum from energy transformation

The changing role of the CFO

How energy transformation is shifting the CFO focus

Capturing value from disruption

Technology and innovation in an era of energy transformation

Investing in Infrastructure

International best legal practice in project and construction agreements

Power & Renewables Deals 2016 outlook and 2015 review

M&A activity in the power utilities sector

How to succeed at renewables procurement

Best leading practices to ensure success

Customer engagement in an era of energy transformation

Technology: new opportunities and challenges

Corporate renewable energy procurement survey insights

What drives corporate renewables purchases?

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Is merchant the new black?

PPA v merchant – what is right for your renewable energy project?

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