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Together, we’re building a secure digital society

Cybersecurity & Digital Trust

How can we keep your business and our economy protected? By creating solutions together.

Everyday across the globe, PwC works together with business leaders, governments, regulators and our own researchers to understand and protect businesses and society from the critical cybersecurity threats we all face. We translate our deep understanding of the threats and risks on the security frontline and within emerging technology into meaningful insights that work for your business.

We have brought together the right mix of risk, legal and deep technology experience to provide a complete solution to organisation’s cybersecurity and digital challenges

We have merged our Cybersecurity, Digital Trust and Digital Law practices into one team so we can better deliver services in response to organisation’s expectations. Cybersecurity is a fast-moving sector with continuously evolving threats and opportunities which need constant innovation and an array of capabilities to manage them. In response, we offer scale and a broader range of cyber, digital risk and related legal services to our clients who prefer to source as many of these services from a single service provider.

For example, when an organisation experiences a cyber attack they typically need to engage the following:

  • Cyber incident response expertise to manage the technological and stakeholder response
  • External legal counsel to manage legal issues and regulatory concerns
  • Digital risk expertise to help with customer/third party management for the remediation activities once the incident is brought under control.

Our great strength as a firm is our breadth and depth of capability across all these areas, and the ability to bring these together into a single service.

Cyber security identification

What cyber risks are your business vulnerable to?

  • Limited, no, or inflexible plans to manage cybersecurity threats or breaches

  • Lack of an accurate view of the cybersecurity risk profile and the threat landscape

  • Poor or inflexible data protection or privacy management

  • Immature digital and technology risk management practices

  • Complex third party supplier ecosystems where core functions are outsourced without adequate controls

  • Rapid adoption of emerging technologies without commensurate controls

  • Changes in legal and regulatory expectations impacting Boards, executives and staff 

What cyber and digital risks are your business vulnerable to?

Taking a multidisciplinary approach to resolve cybersecurity and digital risk issues and their impact on your business

  • Cyber incident response to understanding what’s happening during an attack, contain the threat or disruption and develop a plan to remediate

  • Cyber security roadmaps and strategies to build resilience against future cyber attacks

  • Cyber security risk management, including reviewing, testing and operating security controls to manage cybersecurity risks (including operational technology and critical infrastructure)

  • Implementation of cyber technologies (including digital identity) to improve defenses and better control access to data

  • Security operations (‘Cyber-as-a-Service’), including establishment of security operations centres and outsourcing of cybersecurity services 

  • Safely and securely undertake digital transformation, including the design of secure solutions, automation of security controls and the safe migration and management of cloud platforms

  • Strategic sourcing advisory, helping to put in place appropriate commercial and contractual arrangements that enable corporates to source technology in an secure and agile way  

  • Managing third party vendors, to ensure complex multi-vendor environments operate in a way the maximises the upside (and protects against risks) for both buyers and sellers

  • Data security and management, moving corporates beyond compliance to data management arrangements that enable effective use of data (for the benefit of all participants in the supply chain) and protection of that data

  • Advising on technology scale-ups, as they rapidly expand and face legal and structural issues, both domestically and internationally

  • Transactional support, to manage technology mergers and acquisitions, and ensure technology and data risks are appropriately managed throughout a deal’s lifecycle

  • Cyber breach preparedness and breach response, assisting in preparing companies for cyber risks and managing breach responses, including immediate crisis management, time critical legal and regulatory advice, supplier / customer contract management, litigation support, regulatory investigation advice and insurance policy management

  • Advising on new technologies, including adoption of AI and blockchain technologies, use of advance data analytics and positioning companies to maximise new technology solutions and the data inputs inherent in those solutions 

  • Strategy and Roadmap Development, which includes baselining current maturity and building the case for change including strategy and roadmap development   

  • Uplifting capability, by implementing data and privacy management capabilities across focus key areas including: executive and operational reporting, regulatory compliance, digital transformation / automation, master data and data quality management

  • Data and Privacy as a Service, addressing skill shortages through operational staff augmentation and compliance/legal advice

  • Technology and digital risk management, including assessing, developing and implementing technology and digital risk processes and controls (including technology resilience, vendor risk management)

  • Automation of technology and digital risk management, including configuration and deployment of automated solutions and supporting processes and frameworks to manage technology and digital risks, for instance via Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technologies.

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