2023 Future of Work Outlook

In today’s complex environment, with existing challenges as well as new ones emerging, where do organisations and leaders focus their efforts in 2023?

Looking out at 2023, we stare in the face of a range of complex challenges, many of which are different to what they were twelve months prior. 

Governments and organisations are grappling with the implications of high inflation, a potential energy crisis, geopolitical conflicts, cyber attacks, supply chain shortages and natural disasters, alongside increasing unemployment, talks of a global recession, and a wellbeing hangover from all things COVID-19. Workforce shortages in critical industries are intensifying, while organisations are facing upwards pressure on their social agenda.

If we’ve learnt anything in recent times, it’s that we’re living in a volatile environment and there will always be new challenges to deal with. And we need to tackle them head on.

This report aims to help organisations and their leaders with navigating through this complexity by identifying, and providing a high-level analysis on, the key trends and topics that will require attention throughout 2023, as well as proposing the critical questions that decision-makers need to be asking of themselves and their teams.

This analysis should not simply drive discussion for the purpose of executive entertainment. As we embark on 2023, they need to translate from conversation, to planning, and into action.

Explore insights from into how organisations and their leaders can cut through the complexity and prioritise effort, while creating a case for thinking beyond short-term decision making.

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