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Given the current global circumstances of coronavirus, the Federal Government have delayed the Federal Budget announcement until 6 October 2020.


The degree of uncertainty around the coronavirus has resulted in the Federal Government delaying the budget announcement until 6 October 2020. By this time, decision-makers hope to have a better understanding of the economic impact of this pandemic.

As we look towards the worst economic growth figures this century, Australia will certainly be challenged in the year ahead. 

It prompts the questions: What can Australian businesses do to minimise the impact and support economic recovery?

PwC’s Federal Budget Insights will tackle these questions and more by sharing the insights of renknowned business leaders and thought-provokers on what the budget means for individuals, businesses and Australia as a whole for FY2021.


Watch one of our 2019 Budget Insights events OnDemand

Hear analysis from PwC Australia Tax Lead, Pete Calleja as well as expert opinions from our illustrious panel including: Rt Hon Sir John Key GNZM AC, Annabel Crabb, Ellen Fanning, Dr John Hewson AM and Waleed Aly.

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How will the Federal Budget affect the economy and wage growth?


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What are the implication of the Federal Budget?

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