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Mergers and Acquisitions

A leader in mid-market M&A, we boost deals for more precise outcomes, delivered at pace.


We’re a leading, mid-market M&A advisory, boosting deals to transform high-stakes situations into high-growth opportunities that help clients get the best deal. Pairing a broad M&A perspective with a deep understanding of the value at stake – we deliver precise outcomes, at pace, providing clarity through complexity so clients can choose to buy, sell or hold with confidence.

Let us help 

PwC is the leading mid-market adviser on merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions globally and throughout the Asia Pacific. In the first half of FY22, PwC Australia’s M&A partners advised on 16 M&A cases with an aggregate value of over $32 billion. With an effective network, we have deep connections across global investors to find the right strategic or financial partner and maximise value and terms for our clients. 

It’s not only about the high-value, premium outcomes we deliver, but the people delivering them. Multi-dimensional, mission-critical decision-makers. The trusted advisor across all aspects of a deal. Together, our skill sets span shareholder, business, and market dimensions. From identifying investors to introducing buyers to ideating on broader market movements - while our capabilities are leading (ranked Global #1 M&A Advisor by Volume for 2021), it’s our culture that makes a real difference to the deals we deliver.

By working as one, we provide clients from listed companies to family businesses with the connected, credentialed expertise to solve their most important problems and realise some of their biggest moments in business. Driven to get the best deal, we pair a broad M&A perspective with a deep understanding of the value at stake – we deliver clarity through complexity so clients can choose to buy, sell, or hold with confidence. Our comprehensive solutions include:

Divestments and sales

We provide support with divestment and sales, including: 

  • Determining the business to be divested and the best structure
  • Developing a clear and concise marketing message
  • Developing a tailored transaction process
  • Assessing capital structure
  • Advising on the market value
  • Identifying buyers that would benefit from the business to be divested, given their capabilities fit with the target
  • Identifying and accessing the key decision-makers of buyers
  • Managing other transaction advisers to limit management distraction
  • Negotiating to maximise price and terms
  • Closing the deal 

Mergers and acquisitions services

We support our clients with: 

  • Identifying, evaluating and accessing acquisition targets, including capabilities fit
  • Determining and assessing likely competition, including strengths and weaknesses, and funding ability
  • Assessing the value to you, including the development of a financial model
  • Determining the optimal acquisition/merger structure
  • Managing the diligence process
  • Managing and minimising risk in transaction documentation
  • Negotiating and closing the deal 


We support our clients with: 

  • Takeover defense advice
  • Bid pricing and strategy
  • Consideration of funding structures
  • Project management of the transaction, including other advisers
  • Shareholder engagement
  • Engagement with relevant regulatory bodies
  • Implementation of takeover 

Joint ventures (JV)

We support our clients with: 

  • Assessment of appropriates of JV to commercial objectives
  • Identifying, evaluating and assessing suitable joint venture partners
  • Accessing key decision-makers of shortlisted joint venture partners
  • Evaluation of the contribution of each JV partner, distributions and JV ratio
  • Assessing and structuring the JV commercial terms
  • Exit strategy 

Capital raisings/IPO

We will be an independent advisor to your board of directors, advising on the initial preparation phase through to execution, including:

  • Pre-float preparation (e.g. optimal offer structure, capital structure and valuation)

  • Future board composition

  • Assistance with preparation of historical and forecast financial information for the investigating accountant

  • Evaluation and appointment of IPO advisers including lead manager(s)

  • Assistance with drafting marketing materials including the prospectus

  • Coordination of work-streams in relation to offer marketing

  • Stakeholder management and assistance with media briefings

  • Aftermarket support, including review of analyst briefing reports

  • In the event that a dual-track process is pursued, we can also assist in leading the trade sale

Government privatisations

We support our clients with: 

  • Identifying, evaluating and accessing bidders and concessionaires

  • Managing Government stakeholders

  • Probity compliance

  • Developing a clear and concise marketing message

  • Developing a tailored transaction process

  • Assessing capital structure

  • Advising on the market value

  • Managing other transaction advisers to limit management distraction

  • Negotiating to maximise price and terms

  • Closing the deal 

Strategic and feasibility advice

We support our clients with: 

  • Creating the deal strategy

  • Assessing industry dynamics

  • Providing independent advice on valuation

  • Developing capital structure and financing options

  • Identifying, evaluating and assessing potential targets and suitors, including capabilities fit

Ranked Global #1 M&A Advisor by Volume for 2020 by Dealogic, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg

Our integrated solution

Our complete ‘one-stop-shop’ can be tailored to your transaction needs. Benefits of our integrated solution include:

  • Facilitation of a tightly controlled transaction process
  • Minimisation of project management burden – saving management time
  • Minimisation of transaction risk
Business Restructuring Services
  • Business restructuring services including: financial analysis, cash flow strategy and execution, refinancing and working capital management, restructuring, regeneration or turnaround strategies
  • Assist in the exit or closure of a business with exit option assessment, options modelling, structure rationalisation, voluntary administration and insolvency
  • Post transaction integration - Evaluate, design, plan and execute your integration strategy
  • Work with clients from deal inception through to delivery
  • Deep functional expertise across people, communications and change management, and technology
Debt & Capital Advisory
  • Provide independent debt and capital advice to help clients structure and arrangemnt debt with local and foreign banks, as well as institutional debt investors
  • Assist clients with debt structuring and arrangement, capital markets advisory, capital managings and rating advisory, and securitization and hedging advisory
Legal Services
  • PwC has a leading legal practice –  capabilities include providing strategic M&A advice and forming part of the broader PwC integrated deal team
  • Legal due diligence – enhance the purchasers understanding of the legal risk and opportunities associated with the target business
Tax Services
  • Tax due diligence – enhance the purchasers understanding of the tax risks and opportunities associated with the target business
  • Provide tax structure, planning and implementation advice
  • This will add significant value given the potential for value traps and tax issues arising from a sale process
Transaction Services
  • Enhancing the purchaser's understanding of the target business by bringing commercial and financial industry-specific perspectives
  • Vendor due diligence/assistance – giving vendors greater control and positioning over the sale process and timing

Dedicated M&A Industry Practice

Our team has deep industry experience across all major segments of:

financial services

Financial Services

Health Health


Mining, Oil & Gas

Energy, Utilities and Resources

Industrials & Services

Industrials and Services

Real Estate

Real Estate

Infrastructure Infrastructure


Retail and Consumer

Retail and Consumer

Technology, Media and Entertainment

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We leverage our domestic and international industry experience to best service your needs.




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