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Bringing the people and perspectives together to define, drive, and deliver the full value of a deal.

Delivering the new equation in valuation with the largest practice in Australia. Whether driven by regulation, commercialisation or legislation – we bring more to the table to help clients remain relevant and realise the true value of assets, acquisitions, capital expenditure or investments.

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With the largest valuation practice in Australia, we’re working on some of the largest and most complex client matters, solving in unexpected ways to drive sustained outcomes in a dynamic deals environment. Whether driven by regulation, commercialisation, or legislation—we bring more to the table to help clients remain relevant and realise the true value of their business through challenging and changing market conditions.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions include:

Value consulting

Value consulting at PwC is a specialised service that empowers organisations to extract the most value out of their business and realise its full potential. We provide strategic guidance on capital asset expenditure, bringing innovation into programs of work to maximise value. We also uncover and commercialise existing innovations to create new sources of income.

Our expertise in strategy, finance, operations, deals, tax and accounting enables us to go wide and take the long view to ensure sustained outcomes for the future. However
we go beyond the traditional consulting model, providing expert advice on the full value spectrum – from strategy ideation for large capital decisions to development of the commercial model and the execution needed to make it a success.

As part of the PwC global network, we can access experts across all sectors and business imperatives, including carbon reduction and how to reach net zero goals.
By using advanced technology, such as AI, machine learning and cutting-edge analytics, we can rapidly build value chain scenarios and easily communicate them to stakeholders.

We take pride in building business resilience, making sure organisations are future-fit to face whatever the future may bring. 

How we can help:

  • Value optimisation.
  • Capital Program strategy and support (capability mapping, commercial model, innovation road mapping, ESG advisory and integration).
  • Intellectual Property (IP) identification and commercialisation.

Dispute advisory

Dispute Advisory at PwC helps organisations navigate and resolve conflicts in the business environment. These may be commercial disputes, contractual disagreements, class actions, regulatory issues, or financial disputes. 

Where there is a difference of opinion on business value, losses suffered by a business that need to be quantified, or assistance needed for court, we can help. We can work directly with an organisation, or with their independent legal teams providing independent and shadow expert advice.

We are a senior team of highly experienced practitioners, known for our credibility in court, with deep sector knowledge and experience across a range of industries, including emerging Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges. We have worked on many of the world’s largest and most complex disputes.

Adept at navigating the high pressure nature of disputes and the need for timeliness, we use advanced technology to bring greater efficiency and ease to the process. Our market-leading Decision Analytics Platform (DAP) rapidly digests and analyses large volumes of data from varied sources and data types, and presents it in a consolidated, interactive and easy-to-understand way. 

We understand the need for clear, quality reporting and analysis that is ‘true’. Whether the dispute ends up in court or not, our aim is to find a practical and fair resolution for clients, to restore confidence and peace of mind.

How we can help:

  • Dispute resolution (commercial, contractual disagreements, class actions, regulatory issues, financial disputes). 

  • Quantification of loss and damages (loss of profits and loss of opportunity arising from misleading and deceptive conduct, IP theft, business interruption, project delays, compulsory acquisition, wage underpayment, completion account disputes). 

  • Dispute valuation of businesses, shares, financial instruments, intangible assets.

  • Expert witness testimony.

  • Shadow expert services.


PwC Forensic prevents, uncovers, analyses and remediates risks related to potential fraud, bribery, corruption, serious misconduct or non-compliance within organisations.

We offer Advisory services, proactively identifying areas of vulnerability or non compliance to minimise risk and prevent fraudulent activity from happening. Where it has occurred already, our Investigations specialists uncover and analyse the facts to inform the next move.  

We are part of a global, forensic team. Highly skilled and experienced across all industries, we are able to bring the best in global thinking and experience to any forensic issue, in any industry. We understand the need for speed and accuracy, using advanced analytical technology to work through complex data and information sources efficiently and effectively. 

By identifying and addressing potential issues, we help organisations maintain the integrity of their financial operations, enhance corporate governance and safeguard their reputation. In a deal environment – such as a merger, acquisition or other transaction – our integrity due diligence work identifies risks and gives clients the ability to make informed decisions. 

How we can help:

  • Advisory on risk management and compliance (fraud, bribery, corruption, serious misconduct, procurement and contracts).

  • Investigations of fraud, bribery, corruption, serious misconduct and contract non compliance.

  • Integrity due diligence and intelligence gathering on third parties. 

  • Fraud and corruption data analytics.

  • Computer forensic and eDiscovery. 

  • Expert witness testimony.

Tangible asset valuation and advisory

Tangible Asset Valuation and Advisory at PwC helps organisations identify, understand and realise the value and risks associated with their physical assets – such as property, machinery and equipment. This helps organisations to make informed decisions about their future, whether it’s providing accurate asset and financial information to potential buyers, investors, operators or maintainers, or how to improve alignment between operational practices and business strategy to boost performance.

Applying global best-practice standards and frameworks for asset management, we co-develop strategies that add value.

As the largest tangible asset practice in Australia and a global network of experts, we have both a depth and breadth of experience that is second-to-none. It's our unique combination of engineers, valuers and strategic advisors that enables us to align assets with ambition, uncovering opportunities to minimise risk and maximise value across the whole organisation and whole-of-asset lifecycle. We are known for going beyond traditional tangible asset services, working directly with the C-suite to help drive meaningful and impactful value growth.  

Our in-house data and analytics capabilities have been honed through working on some of Australia's largest transactions. We use cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and machine learning, to build Capex forecasting models, advanced optimisation algorithms, and interactive visualisations to present asset and value insights clearly to stakeholders.

Turning assets into advantage, we help organisations step confidently into the future.

How we can help:

  • Asset Valuation and Due Diligence.

  • Asset Capex and Opex optimisation.

  • Asset Management Strategy, Governance and Maturity Uplift. 

  • Asset Information Management Systems and Data.

Real Estate Valuations & Advisory

PwC’s Real Estate Valuations & Advisory team provides valuation-based real estate advisory services to clients in the property sector.

Building relationships matters to us. We believe that ‘people connect with people’, so we’ll work with you to understand your needs, identify opportunities and deliver on them.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit, multinational or private landowner, our team of nationally qualified valuers can support you with valuation services.  

How we can help:

  • Valuation services for purchase, disposal, financial reporting, advisory, purchase price allocation, stamp duty and tax.
  • Land valuations, commercial assets and portfolios.
  • Valuations across a range of complex, alternative and infrastructure-related asset types, including:  
    • Container ports. 
    • Airports.
    • Intermodals. 
    • Industrial portfolios and individual properties including logistics and cold storage.
    • Datacentres. 
    • Leasehold property. 
    • Renewables including wind, solar and battery farms.


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