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The specialist problem solvers focused on preserving and recovering value while navigating businesses through complex or troubled situations.

In our market, just a few days can make a difference to the months and moments that follow. We help clients buy back time when they need it most — providing the proven expertise and practical experience to see and solve potential problems from all sides of the equation.

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Together, our diverse team has a bias for action and can assist businesses via a full-scale turnaround or transformation, cash and working capital management, or a balance sheet recapitalisation. If required, we can also restructure companies using a formal process, always striving for a going-concern solution.

In all these situations, we use our proven expertise, judgement and experience to quickly diagnose and solve our client’s biggest problems while often managing difficult stakeholders and negotiations. We focus on early intervention, working alongside CEOs, Boards or business owners. See more about our comprehensive solutions below.

Liquidity management and cash flow management

Liquidity is always the primary concern for underperforming businesses. We can work with your organisation to restore confidence in the accuracy and consistency of cash flow reporting. We offer modelling and data analytics solutions to improve cash flow forecasting, analysis and reporting. We can also help pinpoint where money is tied up and guide on options and tactical levers to increase the cash immediately available.

Our services include:

  • Financial analysis

  • Cash flow strategy and execution

  • Refinancing with alternative capital

  • Forensic accounting

  • Investigations

  • Due diligence

  • Working capital management

  • Real estate

  • Forensic technology

  • Investor, shareholder and lender management.

Stakeholder management

In a crisis, keeping your investors, lenders and other stakeholders informed is a priority. We can help work with you to coordinate communications and activities with your stakeholders, while ensuring a stable platform for time management during the investigation.

Respond to disruptions and distress

When a business faces disruption - through regulatory change, a change in leadership, natural disaster or a fall in share market price - there will likely be financial implications.

Through our comprehensive experience, we can help our clients navigate the interplay between risk, debt, business operations and other key factors that underpin a company’s success, and determine how best to achieve the right balance in times of change and uncertainty.

We can also draw on our qualified external network of interim management specialists to fill any gaps. Our services include:

  • Risk assessment and response options

  • Restructuring, regeneration or turnaround strategies and execution

  • Business viability reviews

  • Financial planning and forecasting

  • Cost reduction

  • Cash generation

  • Sale of assets and divestments

  • Change, stakeholder and project management.

Maintain control in an exit or closure

After thorough assessment, the most appropriate strategy may be to close or exit all or part of your business. A complex process with a lot of moving parts, your employees, customers, shareholders, investors and potential buyers will need relevant and specific information to help make informed decisions.

We work with corporates, banks and other financial institutions to find the best option for managing risk and protecting businesses and brands. Our services include:

  • Exit option assessment - including divestment, closure, downsizing and hybrid reorganisation

  • Options modelling

  • Organisational structure simplification

  • Defence against an adverse value assessment

  • Deed of company arrangement (DOCA)

  • Receivership and other security enforcement

  • Court liquidation, and creditors and members voluntary liquidation

  • Personal insolvency agreement (PIA)

  • Bankruptcy

  • Voluntary administration, insolvency and other exit strategies.

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Stephen Longley
Business Restructuring Services Leader

"Our motto is ‘Be positive, but don’t have a positive bias towards what’s going on around you’. You need to assess and plan for the various scenarios which could impact your business in these uncertain times. Just because you’re planning for something difficult doesn’t mean you’re negative; it means you’re prepared."

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