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Technology Advisory

We help clients reimagine how to use technology to drive change and fulfil their ambition and purpose

At PwC, we believe change is the new constant and your ability to embrace and thrive on change will determine your future success. An enterprise’s ability to innovate and adopt new technology and disrupt the status quo is a core capability needed to thrive.

Whether you are thinking through how to disrupt your existing business models with technology or embarking on a new venture, we help you understand how to use technology to deliver value. Our experienced technology strategists help you make informed strategic decisions build realistic transformation plans.

We work with you to challenge and disrupt todays certainty, so you can embrace tomorrow’s success.

10 Principles for Modernising Your Company’s Technology

Today’s technology platforms are not just new versions of legacy systems. They allow you to design a completely new digital enterprise — as long as you follow these guidelines.

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Winning with a data-driven strategy

Making decisions based on hard evidence requires a major shift in culture, technology, and mind-set. 

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How we can help

Digital Strategy

As the digital economy becomes more prevalent, organisations in all industries are dealing with technology-driven disruption of the status quo. The rules of the past no longer apply, as technologies mature and converge to create new possibilities for business models, value propositions and integrated digital experiences.

For modern organisations to survive and thrive in a digital world, they must continually adapt and evolve as a core element of their strategy. We help our clients to understand their unique opportunities in this environment, and to overcome the challenges of end-to-end digital transformation. We outline how to build the digital capabilities and agility required, and to navigate a pathway forward for practical and sustainable change. 

Our Digital Strategy services can help in the following ways: 

  • Digital Business Model Design: Designing the most suitable business models for a digital world
  • Digital Ecosystem Design: Designing value networks which extend beyond the organisation’s traditional boundaries
  • Digital Capability Assessment: Assessing the essential capabilities required to successfully pursue an end-to-end digital transformation
  • Platforms Strategy: Defining the strategy, structures and roadmap for integrated digital business platforms 
  • Digital Transformation Pathways: Assessing pathways to implement a digital transformation, and recommending the way forward
  • Digital Experience Strategy: Designing the target digital experience for customers, employees and partners, to guide the enabling strategy and architecture

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Technology Strategy

The role of technology in driving business value is greater than it’s ever been, and will continue to grow. As new technologies emerge and converge, strategically investing in the systems that enable your organisation to build and sustain a competitive advantage is crucial. We believe that the key to realising value from technology is to align around core capabilities, and to define the technology objectives and priorities in line with a broader strategy. 

We help organisations to understand the changing technology landscape, and ways to harness these technologies to achieve strategic outcomes. We work collaboratively to design, plan, and execute impactful strategies for technology. 

Our Technology Strategy services can help in the following ways: 

  • Technology Value Alignment: Aligning the value of technology assets and services with strategic business priorities 
  • Technology Investment Management: Planning and managing technology investments to deliver the maximum value
  • Technology Architecture Modernisation: Designing a target architecture with new strategic platforms, and planning key milestones of the moderisation journey
  • Technology Assessment and Selection: Reviewing, assessing and recommending technology
  • Technology Roadmaps: Defining integrated and pragmatic roadmaps of technology initiatives to deliver on the strategic agenda
  • Technology in M&A: Assessing the technology challenges and opportunities of M&A deals

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Technology Optimisation

  • Design a technology operating model to optimise effective change delivery and efficient operations

  • Optimise technology governance for effective decision making and controls, leveraging automated workflow & efficiency gains to embed governance

  • Define the ideal technology skill-sets , structures and cultures for the future, and realign the workforce accordingly

  • Assess and optimise the cost of technology assets and services in line with strategic priorities

  • Optimise the engagement with and value from  partners and service providers to to drive strategic outcomes

  • Driving Simplification agendas across technology and leveraging technology to drive broader organisation simplification agendas

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Data Strategy

We believe successful business-led data strategy programs are oriented on business problems, business objectives and business outcomes. We work with organisations to understand their organisational strategy and identify business problems, opportunities to support, and build executive understanding and commitment to solve them. 

Our expertise in Data Strategy enables us to guide and lead complex, transformational data-centric programs of work. We work extensively with enterprises to define the data operating model and provide leadership through the transition. We bring subject matter expertise to scope solutions and chart pragmatic delivery. 

Our Data Strategy services can help in the following ways: 

  • Data Vision and Future State: We help set the information agenda in line with business strategies and requirements
  • Data Operating Model Design: Typically for the Chief Data Officer function, we define the operating model and help establish the function 
  • Data Architecture & Integration: We have deep expertise in data architectures and can review complex data projects and environments 
  • Data Platforms Strategy: We support organisations to understand and assess data platform opportunities 
  • End-User IM Application Design: We define business needs in a manner that supports the design of a technical IM Solution, to deliver the right information to the business 
  • Data Program Planning & Execution: Plan, guide and lead complex, transformational data-centric programs of work

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Technology Agility

We believe enterprise agility and adaptability enables organisations to respond faster to changes against lower cost and risk. This is today’s key differentiator in a world of ever increasing pace, connectivity and change. We bring our knowledge, experience, accelerators and harness the best tools in the business, enabling organisations to be agile from how they set their direction to how that is disseminated and executed across the enterprise. 

We are fluent yet agnostic across many agile frameworks, working with you to balance between these and traditional frameworks to enable your targeted outcomes in your context.

Our Technology Agility services can help in the following ways:

  • Agile Strategy & Ideation: Help leaders embed agility and ideation at the enterprise level
  • Enterprise and Scaled Agility: Embed agility and adaptability across and enterprise at the structural and cultural levels 
  • Organisational Agility: Change and embed agile behaviours and mindsets across leaders and the enterprise 
  • Experimentation and Simulation: Help enterprises reimagine what might be possible in what they do and how they do it 
  • Agile Delivery Assistance: Help programs deliver sustainable change using an agile approach 

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Why PwC?

Value focused

We orient around the business value from technology, and align stakeholders around that value


Our method can flex to suit client timeframes, scope and business challenges, and integrates the best of PwC


We design for the future based on strategic objectives and priorities, and conduct analysis once this is clear


We set up dedicated spaces at our client which bring the engagement insights and outcomes to life


We use agile sprints with structured feedback mechanisms to build consensus and accelerate outcomes

Bridged to Execution

We have a bias towards execution in our design recommendations and focus on how to transition into execution

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Matt Benwell

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