Digital Strategy and Transformation

Enabling organisations to fulfil their purpose through Digital

At PwC we believe we are entering an era where the way organisations fulfil their purpose will be fundamentally different. 

We call this the era of Digital. The ability to continually evolve and adapt your products and services, rapidly coordinate them and make them available is an inherent capability that is now fundamental to sustained success. 

Embracing a fundamental shift in how you run and operate your organisation is essential to long term success and relevance. Tweaking organisational practices will no longer deliver the incremental gains of the past.

Unlike previous transformational activity, the journey to becoming a digital organisation starts with a fundamental shift in mindset and strategy rather than a new technology, and touches every aspect of your organisation.

Digital Strategy

The way an organisation creates and captures value in the digital age is changing.  Industry lines are blurring, new entrants are leapfrogging traditional industry value chains and unconventional partnerships are forming - all at rapid pace. The role of technology has shifted from being a mere enabler to defining and reimaging the very core of what a business does. 

Becoming a Digital organisation is more than just having a digital channel for your customers, it's a fundamental rethink of your entire business. There will be decisions to make around where to focus your investments and drive growth through new businesses, how to organise your people to harness speed, innovation and efficiency, and how to create a technology platform that can flex and adapt in tandem with your business. This is Digital Strategy for the Digital era.

Digital Transformation

There is no singular approach to becoming a Digital business.  A Digital business strategy sets the direction of travel; the path you take is influenced by strategic choices around growth, customer and employee experience and operational efficiency.

Whichever path you choose, developing the right culture, uplifting skills, promoting new ways of working and having the right technology foundations in place is paramount. The foundations of a digital business need to have the ability to embrace agility - changing as the environment in which your business operates changes.  Becoming a digital business is organisation wide and involves an ongoing mastery of change, in which adaptability and continuous learning feels natural to both leaders and employees. 

Businesses that fail to adapt, fail to survive. Choose your path, start small and find what works for you.

Our services

Digital business models

Reimagine your organisation's potential in the digital era through digitally enabled, scalable business models that will be your future growth engine, while implementing strategies that can preempt emerging threats and defend your core.

Your digital business model should consider the market you operate in and your end-customer’s expectations, and decide where your organisation sits in meeting those needs - from a one-stop-shop, to bespoke capability.

Digital architecture

Transitioning to digital platform architecture to respond quicker to business and customer demand. Open, modular architecture, built around the principles of reuse and standards-based services - connected ecosystems, digital at pace. 

Although many companies have adopted digital technologies, few have architected (or-rearchitected) for digital - enabling them to adapt and respond to change, in technologies, market conditions and customer expectations.

Digital operating models

Creating an organisation that can continually learn, adapt and evolve at the speed of business. Defining the right accountability framework, governance and ways of working that balances alignment with autonomy, whilst being lightweight enough to enable rapid decision making and foster creativity.

Embedding agility in your operating model enables your organisation to flex - responding to market changes, and re-organising to deliver value as market conditions change.

Digital customer and employee experience

A human centred approach to strategy to align investments to delighting customers and employees with seamless, personalised experiences.

Ensuring your organisation has the ability to define, measure, manage and implement consistent digital experiences for all users - including employees and customers is a key component in ensuring the digital tools and strategy you’ve defined are able to be executed.

Operational excellence for the digital era

Digitising core operations to provide a stable platform for growth. Rethinking core transaction and back office processes. Delivering intelligent automation at scale.

Data in the digital era

Unlocking the power of data to become a truly data-driven organisation. Using data as an enterprise asset to power strategic and operational decision-making. Data as a differentiator.

Digital leadership and culture

Making the link between digital culture and digital success. Creating leaders that communicate a clear vision for change, drive alignment across the organisation, and build employee trust through authenticity, empowerment and steadfast resolve.

Your Next Step

The journey to Digital can be long and complex, but also filled with opportunity.  We can help you take your next step, whether you’re just starting out or well on your way already.

What does Digital mean for your business? We can help define your specific opportunity, immerse your team in the art of the possible and bring it to life by visualising what it means for your customers, leaders and people.

A solid case for change can help align your leaders, as well as focus your efforts going forwards.  We focus on co creating strategies with you over multiple iterations, visualising and bringing key concepts and solutions to life through prototyping.

Our approach to transformation takes an agile and iterative approach - start small, test and learn, engage and excite the workforce, deliver often. We can help define the approach that’s best for you whilst building your organisation’s internal capability to continually sense and adapt as the world continues to change.

Ongoing coaching and support can help embed a new mindset and way of working. We work with you to help your teams understand what it means to be Digital and adopt practices from the front line to the board.

Our Partners

MIT patronship - PwC is a patron of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR). Recognised as the leading research institution in all things IT management related, MIT CISR has one clear focus—researching how organisations get business value through digitisation.

As a member of MIT CISR’s patron community, we have access to their research findings, covering the hottest topics in the industry—Digital Ecosystems, Digital Workplace, Digital Organisations, Business Complexity, Big Data, and Engaging Your Board in Digitisation.

Capsifi - The pace of digital business change is driving the need for a new approach to strategy and business model management. Digital Strategy Platforms, underpinned by business modelling and strategic planning tools, can create living digital assets that evolve alongside your organisation.

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