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Shared services have long been the backbone of everyday business. They underpin an organisation’s day-to-day operations and enable effective delivery to clients and customers.

However, as the world becomes more technology-driven, it’s time to evolve these services once again. It means becoming more data-driven, intelligence and service-orientated than ever before and creating a fully integrated service model that enables unprecedented operational benefits. It means evolving to Digital GBS.


of CEOs are planning ‘operational efficiencies’ to drive revenue growth in the next 12 months


of CEOs agree that AI will significantly change the way they do business in the next five years


of failed digital transformations are due to a lack of user adoption and behavioural change


of CEOs say they are clear about how RPA and AI can improve the client experience

The evolution to Digital GBS

Digital GBS introduces a Transform function into the Shared Service Organisation that runs alongside functional Service Delivery teams and Performance management teams. This function focuses on improving the end to end processes and overall customer experience. It means introducing new technologies like process mining and intelligence that bring a data driven approach to process improvement, new roles and digital capabilities and agile methodologies to be able to ramp up squads to deliver on identified opportunities.

Decentralised Operations

Operational benefits

Shared Services In-House
  • Functional Lead Shared Service Operations (Finance, HR, Profcurement)
Offshore / BPO, Capture labor arbitrage
  • Process separated and transactional activity moved offshore
  • Functionally driven
Global Business Services
  • Consolidation of Shared Services into single entity
  • Focus on Service Quality and Continuous Improvement
Digital GBS
Digital GBS
  • Organised by end to end process
  • Customer experience focus
  • Digital transformational capabilities built into GBS
Degree of accountability, management centralisation and organisational change

GBS Service Transformation

Moving to a fully integrated service model enables operational benefits that can resolve inefficient and fragmented processes, decentralised operations, lack of scale for investment, poor customer focus and inefficient customer service. This changes the equation, as Digital GBS is not just driving efficiency but now also a value creation opportunity.

Delivering The New Equation in BHP’s transformation

Where human meets digital, BHP has transformed its shared services model into a single operating business, organised by end-to-end processes that connect value chain processes to lift operational productivity and efficiency.

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How PwC can accelerate your evolution to a Digital GBS

PwC offers an integrated proposition that is a complete service offering for clients. From strategy to execution, it is a genuine end-to-end transformation across the business. We combine functional Digital GBS expertise with real-world capability to bring our offering to life. 


Digital GBS strategy and Proof of concept (POC)
Build Operate and Transfer

PwC’s assets and digital platforms to support Digital GBS Service Transformation

Our Connected Digital Enterprise (CDE) solution brings together a range of assets and digital platforms to drive Digital GBS Service Transformation.



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Signavio 2021 Partner of the Year.

This award recognises the sustained outcomes delivered through pairing PwC’s industry and digital transformation experiences with SAP’s advanced suite of solutions.

Digital GBS strategy and Proof of concept (POC)

Build a working POC pilot for an end to end (E2E) process. PwC works with you to build the POC using process modeling and intelligence, leveraging our adaptors into your ERP system to demonstrate how Digital GBS can identify and start to deliver on value and business outcomes. This short engagement will deliver:

  • The POC

  • Your Digital GBS strategy

  • Outline of the high level operating and interaction model, highlighting skills and capabilities required

  • A draft transition strategy, roadmap and business case for your Digital GBS

Build, Operate and Transfer

For organisations who are advanced in their thinking, PwC is able to design and build your Service Transformation capability within your GBS. This would include:

  • Working with you to define the value case for E2E transformation
  • Working with your team to define the change approach
  • Deploying the technology enablers
  • Building the digital backbone (transfer of processes into process modelling tools)
  • Filling key roles and starting a formal programme to transfer knowledge and skills to your team
  • Putting in place new routines and ways of working

PwC utilise our onshore and offshore resources to do this work and can provide very competitive rates. This is a quick and cost effective way for your Digital GBS organisation to start delivering value.

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