CMO Advisory

We help companies drive consistent growth through strategic, accountable & bold marketing.

Creating confidence in marketing

We want to support CMOs and grow the market for marketing investment by helping marketing be the driver of consistent organic growth in the business. By doing so we will cement a reputation of marketing experts, being the first partner to help clients to build brand, marketing and media plans that have credibility in the boardroom.

The marketing environment has changed more in the last 5 years than it has in the last 50. The rapid rise of digital, the changing role for traditional channels and a more connected and informed consumer means brands are in a state of constant evolution. At the same time, the media landscape has become more complicated at the cost of transparency, making it more difficult for companies and their CMOs to ensure they are getting the most of their brand and marketing investment.

PwC’s CMO Advisory works with boards and c-suite executives to solve this important problem by driving greater transparency, accountability, value and creativity.

CMO Areas of Practice


Our approach

Increase Impact

Increase IMPACT

We work closely with our clients to increase the impact of their brand and marketing investment – whether it is through better use of data, sharper brand strategy or break-through creativity.



Marketing is the oil on the wheels of commercial growth and we ensure that all brand and marketing activity is focused on growth – whether that is in awareness, sales, loyalty or referral.


Reduce WASTE

With multiple partners and variables, we identify the source of waste and inefficiency, rechanneling it into more appropriate and measurable activity to deliver on the marketing strategy.

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