Connected Digital Enterprise

Powering your digital transformation

Connected Digital Enterprise is a new way of approaching digital transformation that gives you the ability to identify and address opportunities at scale whilst bringing together people, processes, and automation through a digital platform.

Many organisations are struggling to achieve the expected benefits from digital transformation efforts. Connected Digital Enterprise is PwC’s framework for delivering integrated transformation outcomes.

Our Connected Digital Enterprise framework guides organisations through stages of maturity on their digital transformation journey across the entire value chain, and is underpinned by digital asset solutions and a network of alliances.

By applying Connected Digital Enterprise, we deliver solutions that focus on the bigger picture and longer-term horizon.


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Connected Digital Enterprise

Connected Digital Enterprise

Framework for Connected Digital Enterprise

We articulate and prioritise value from digital transformation using our GREAT framework.

Accelerators to Connect the Enterprise

CDE Analyser

Identify, prioritise, build, and realise benefits from quality automated solutions using PwC’s CDE Analyser:

  • IDENTIFY - Comprehensive templates to solicit automation opportunities across your entire company.
  • PRIORITISE - Prioritise your automation opportunities in the context of your entire program.
  • BUILD - Auto-generate the work plan and track progress with confidence knowing your data is always up to date.
  • REALISE - Measure, validate, and realise program benefits using real-time, visual data.

Accelerate your team’s ability to automate at scale. CDE Analyser empowers enterprises with built-in methodology, visibility, and controls. Deliver quality automations with speed and agility. 

Digital Twin

Build a digital replica of your processes using real data. Simulate anticipated changes to demand volumes and the expected impact of changes to processes. Run multiple combinations of “what if” scenarios, finding the optimal set of change initiatives to maximise impact.


Utilise employees to their full potential by increasing visibility on goals, capacity, deliverables and challenges through PwC’s Perform methodology. 

Use 12 weeks of operational excellence coaching to drive engagement within teams and deliver immediate tangible benefits.

Create capacity, drive performance, and build capability to foster a continuous improvement culture and sustaining benefits for your business and customers.

Delivering the Connected Digital Enterprise

Our Connected Digital Enterprise approach pulls levers across people, process, and automation to deliver a multiplier effect on transformation outcomes:

Accelerate Performance

Accelerate performance by embedding new ways of working across teams in order to reduce variability in how activities are performed, effectively manage and redistribute capacity, and facilitate the adoption of new processes and technologies. 

Streamline Processes

Orchestrate and effectively manage processes by creating an interface layer that connects disparate systems, eliminates time spent re-keying information, and provides much better visibility of end-to-end process performance.

Orchestrate Workflow 

Streamline processes to minimise waste and maximise flow by eliminating unnecessary activities and handoffs, reducing rework and driving consistency in how the process is performed.


Deploy Digital Workers

Deploy cognitive and non-cognitive digital workers to automate more straightforward activities, accelerate process lead times, and augment capabilities of the human workforce, supporting the human workforce to re-orientate towards more value-adding activities.

Enhance Delivery Models

Enhance the delivery model and structure of the combined human and digital workforce in line with redesigned processes, including sourcing and shoring options.

Develop People & Capability

Develop people by effectively engaging, empowering, and coaching them to build the right combination of soft, technical, and digital skills.

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