Transformation Assurance

Staying match-fit for extraordinary success

Businesses that are not transforming are gradually expiring. That’s because in a fast-changing market they are not meeting the always-evolving expectations of their empowered and demanding clients, customers and staff.

However, when conducting a transformation program and therefore lifting the lid on their operating models, businesses tend to uncover decades of legacy processes and inefficiencies. The resulting ‘scope creep’ can add enormous complexity and difficulty to the transformation program.

Our Transformation Assurance team offers the collective power of the PwC mind, plus decades of experience in large transformation programs, to help businesses – including their staff, customers, shareholders and regulators – to achieve their future goals.


Transformation is true organisational change

In an increasingly global and technologically advanced environment, transformation programs are an essential. So what are the indicators that things could do with a shake-up? What flags a need for transformation assurance? 

It might be a record of recent failures, or a single project that has uncovered capability and capacity issues. It can be falling customer satisfaction or staff engagement figures.

Often executives cannot quite put their finger on why this is happening. They can’t clearly identify the root cause. They require independent, professional, experienced specialists to not only pinpoint the issue but to help them develop and execute a transformation strategy that, in most cases, will see them leapfrog competitors.

Technology is typically a large and exciting part of the solution, but it does not enable the change. Technology is only as powerful as the people who use it. Transformation is about much more than systems. It is instead about true organisational change.


What we do

We navigate complexity in order to create change in a way that is meaningful to the humans who make a business a success. 

We offer a look-forward model of transformation assurance. In other words, rather than looking at the past to figure out what an organisation did wrong, our focus is on adding value to the future delivery of the transformation project.

How is this achieved? By bringing in our specialists from a broad range of disciplines – organisational change management, economic modelling, IT architecture, application design, data migration, cloud strategy and, most importantly, creative communications – we put a plan in place that can be independently monitored and we use a collection of digital tools to deliver insights and to predict and then manage delivery risk. 

This plan and the tools not only enable a transformation program to plot the material steps that should be followed, but also:

  • Ensures executive engagement – a non-negotiable essential
  • Put the right people on the right steering committees

  • Communicate, consult and advocate the transformation plan among stakeholders

  • Increase speed of decision-making processes, reducing bottlenecks

  • Establish efficient governance forums, and identify clearer paths of delegation and escalation, allowing more time for outcome-relevant deliverables and reducing time wasted on the production of irrelevant governance artefacts.

Our Transformation Assurance team develops a strategy to ensure staff, customers, board members, clients, shareholders and regulators are confident about the future of the business, rather than anxious about change. 

The strategy is powered by people and supported by technology, and the difference it makes can be extraordinary.



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