Transformation Assurance

Maximising return on strategic projects.

Maximising return on strategic projects

Organisations have always evolved with changing market conditions. But with markets no longer so constrained by geographical boundaries, and new technologies changing the way we work and collaborate, large transformation programs have become both more common and more complex. Additionally, more empowered and more demanding consumers, and greater scrutiny by shareholders and regulators increases the pressure on businesses to get these transformation projects right.

Typically, these programs are large scale and take place over long periods of time. Most involve multiple projects or workstreams. While not limited to technology projects many aim to retire ageing legacy systems without compromising existing operations. And all are expected to deliver benefits to a wide range of stakeholders, without putting customer service or compliance standards at risk.


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Sascha Chandler, Partner, National Leader, Transformation Assurance, PwC Australia

Getting change right and managing project delivery risk is key to your organisation remaining competitive, attracting talent and building and maintaining a good reputation in an increasingly competitive market.

We work closely with senior leaders to provide you with clarity, visibility and confidence of your transformation efforts and how they are progressing at any point in time.

Our Transformation Assurance team provides an independent view over your portfolios, programmes, projects and change efforts, ensuring they are fit for purpose and that execution risk is minimised.

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