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Digital Trust: Protecting and realising the value of digital assets

In an overwhelmingly digital business world the integrity of a company’s digital assets, including data, is of significant strategic value for decision making, customer experience, predictive intelligence and so much more.

As a result, almost every function within a business now adopts a digital lens. This broad exposure, however, means the potential damage to reputation, brand and bottom line from a breach, loss, corruption or quality issue is extensive. For the long-term success of the business, it’s critical that customers, employees and all other stakeholder groups have confidence in the safeguarding and effectiveness of digital assets.

PwC’s Digital Trust team leverages class-leading industry experience and tools to provide trust and confidence that your digital assets are protected and are delivering value.

How do you measure up, digitally?

Digitisation is a significant area of opportunity for business. Organisations can no longer afford to fail on the execution of their digital strategy. 

But how do companies cope with growing threats and cost pressures? How do they maintain privacy of customer data and meet stringent regulatory requirements? What are their key cyber risks, and those of third parties working with them, and how are they mitigated? How can they be confident they’re making decisions based on good data?

Our Digital Trust team has the answers. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments, utilising tools and methodologies specifically designed to evaluate a business’s digital risk. We develop roadmaps to uplift maturity and re-engineer processes and controls. In doing so we bring the business to a space of transparency and confidence where it can safely enjoy the formidable efficiencies and advantages that come from digital.

How we add value

From building resilience, to managing ever-evolving cyber risks, creating greater business efficiencies in the cloud and ensuring best-practice data governance, our Digital Trust team helps mitigate risk from a company’s digital platforms.

We support our clients to ensure that their digital assets:   

  • Deliver value to the organisation

  • Are adequately protected against threat 

To achieve these objectives, depending on your needs we bring in class-leading expertise around any or all of three core component areas of digital trust. 

  • Data

    • The focus here is around the effective management, protection, governance and risk management of your enterprise data assets. Delivery of these protection aspects enhances value enablement.

  • Cyber security

    • Here we’re looking at the question of how we most effectively manage and mitigate cyber risk, including the management of threat actors attempting to access, impact or cause loss to your information and digital assets.

  • Technology

    • True confidence and trust, the twin goals of every assurance program, can only be achieved with the establishment of a resilient and business-aligned technology environment that supports business objectives.

When organisations master these core strategic and operational elements, enormous and measurable value is delivered. Importantly, the benefits of confidence and trust are felt by all stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

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Peter Malan

Peter Malan

Partner, Cybersecurity & Digital Trust, PwC Australia

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