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Project Perspectives

Take your project to the next level by giving your people a voice

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New solutions for a new era

The global workforce is going through one of the biggest – and quickest – paradigm shifts in modern history: remote working has become the norm. 
Organisations are mobilising at unprecedented speed, and employees are doing their best to adapt. 

More than ever, we need solutions to help us thrive in this new era of remote work.

What is PwC’s Project Perspectives?

PwC’s Project Perspectives is a web and app-based platform that gives a fast and accurate picture of “sentiment ” – one of the best barometers of project health.

It tells you precisely what your teams and stakeholders are thinking and feeling in real-time.

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How it works

Expert-designed question model

Project Perspectives uses customisable question sets created by PwC’s transformation and change experts – questions scientifically designed to get to the root cause of issues and the heart of project performance.

Key focus areas addressed by these questions include change management, resourcing and scope to name a few.

Infographic - key focus areas within Project Transformation

Figure 1: Key focus areas addressed in the question sets for Project Perspectives

More than just a survey

Project stakeholders will receive a push notification via the mobile or web-based app, indicating they have a new drop of questions to respond to. Small question sets are sent periodically throughout the project. Your stakeholders simply 'tap' or 'swipe' to share their insights anonymously.

After sharing their feedback, your stakeholders can view a personal dashboard that compares their level of confidence to their peer group. Project leadership can deep-dive into results via a live and interactive dashboard available via our web portal.

instructions on how to use the app

Project Perspectives is much more powerful than a traditional survey

Key features:

  • Real time feedback
  • Automated notifications
  • Quick and convenient
  • Overall confidence 


  • Delivery of dashboard results as insights you can action immediately.
  • Quick, easy and anonymous.
  • Provides confidence that your project is on track.
  • Gives you intelligent advice about when and how to intervene – no more guesswork, no more costly reviews. 
Key features infographic

Take your project to the next level

To find out more about our pricing, onboarding or to organise a demo, please reach out to our specialists.

Nicky Alridge
Assurance, Brisbane


“Project Perspectives truly unleashes the power of your teams. It turns sentiment into actions.”

Sascha Chandler
Assurance, Sydney


“This experience has given me and my team the chance to bottle all of our Transformation Assurance experience and put in one creative application."

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Nicky Aldridge

Partner, Assurance, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 421 448 864

Sascha Chandler

Partner, Sydney, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 400 899 131

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