Financial Processes Analyser

Continuous controls monitoring providing full visibility and unique business insights anywhere, anytime.

The data that organisations have at their disposal is growing exponentially. And while there’s no shortage of it, leveraging those vast amounts of data can be challenging.  With data typically residing in multiple systems that don’t easily speak to each other, how do you get insights out of that data to deliver value to the business?

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could get a single view of all financial processes in an integrated, highly visual solution?

PwC’s Financial Processes Analyser delivers that.

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Financial Processes Analyser (FPA)

Watch this short video for an overview of the Financial Processes Analyser.

One integrated solution

Financial Processes Analyser integrates multiple business financial processes into one business intelligence (BI) solution, with full continuous controls monitoring (CCM) capability for exception identification, management and reporting within Microsoft Power BI. Combined with the ability for users to explore, drill through and visualise their own data to answer questions beyond standard tests, we have a powerful solution to help deliver insightsfrom your data.

100% coverage 

Financial Processes Analyser explores 100% of data including payables, receivables, payroll, employee master and expense claims across key financial processes in one integrated application. The cloud-based interactive visualisation tools within the dashboard allow for persona defined perspectives, helping inform clearer and more insightful decision making.

Anywhere, anytime

Financial Processes Analyser is available on multiple devices - desktop / tablet / smartphone, with smart features using natural language processing for user driven Q&A. Hosted in PwC’s secure cloud environment with 24 x 7 access and available on multiple devices, you can access your data whenever, however and wherever you want to.

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Financial Processes Analyser - Real time monitoring to

Jason Agnoletto and Paul McMahen provide an overview of how PwC's Financial Processes Analyser helps Internal Audit deliver insights to the business providing real time monitoring over 100% of financial transactions.

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