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Promoting Reconciliation

Together we solve. It's time

Promoting Reconciliation

It has been two years since we launched our joint Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) between PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting (PIC), and we’re excited to share our progress with you.  

As we entered the second year of our Elevate RAP, we could not have foreseen the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic on our communities, our firm and the world. The sudden shifts to our business resulting from working from home, closed borders, a firm restructure, and reduced working hours meant that if we didn’t adapt our approach, we would be unable to meet - and possibly would go backwards on - many of our commitments. We implemented a disproportionate impact strategy in order to proactively mitigate these risks, allowing us to pivot and find new ways to make progress on many of our commitments that would have otherwise have stalled.

“No-one expected the challenges that 2020 would throw at us. However, I am immensely proud of the way our two firms responded and made Reconciliation an even greater priority. On many occasions during the year, I joined events where the deep passion and care for Reconciliation was evident in our leadership and in all our teams. Whilst we track specific commitments and actions in this progress report, the intangible that was clear to me over the past year is just how important Reconciliation is to us and how it is becoming a fundamental part of our organisational culture. This is the real measure of our progress and will drive our increased ambitions for 2021.”

Kim Cheater, NRGG Co-Chair

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to our firm’s reconciliation efforts over the last year. Our success has largely been due to our ability to unlock the potential and passion of our people, while ensuring that our approach is informed by, inclusive of, and where appropriate led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices.  

We have many milestones to celebrate including: 

  • PwC doubled its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce within PwC since March 2019.
  • A record number of our people - over 91% - have completed Cultural Awareness training, the highest completion rate of any internal training to date.
  • We have an active MobConnect employee network, run and managed by our First Nations employees.
  • We have embedded voice and self determination into our Client Acceptance reforms - a historic first in the PwC global network.
  • We have had amazing engagement in all of our events.
  • We have exceeded our procurement target of 2.5% contestable spend, despite the unexpected disruption of COVID-19, to achieve 2.9%.

The PwC & Murra Boost Initiative

The PwC & Murra Boost Initiative is a partnership between PwC and the Murra Alumni of the Melbourne Business School, whereby we provide $30,000 in skills and expertise to support a winning Indigenous Business to support a specific issue that will allow for future growth.

BlackCard, a leading national cultural capability training provider, was one of two winners of the 2019 PwC & Murra Boost initiative, receiving skills development and expertise valued at $30,000.

“Working with PwC has created opportunities for us to scale and increase our impact both quickly and sustainably, developing our resilience as a business that has set us up so well for these unusual times under COVID.  The mentoring and business development to ensure BlackCard was able to pivot our business model to a digital environment was of great value to the BlackCard, authenticity and skills of the PwC team was absolutely amazing.  I have no doubt that these relationships will continue for even longer than the project itself,” said Mundanara Bayles, Co-Founder and Managing Director of BlackCard.

BlackCard’s approach is based on a cultural competency course developed by Lilla Watson and Mary Graham, Aboriginal Elders and Educators and long-time course developers and lecturers for the University of Queensland. The founders of the BlackCard have developed and taught core university subjects such as “Aboriginal Perspectives” and “Aboriginal Approaches to Knowledge” both at an undergraduate and post-graduate level since the 1970’s.

The demand for their knowledge and expertise as educators has grown beyond the university sector to the broader business and community sectors. This led the founders to develop the BlackCard. The BlackCard builds cultural competency to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal community. BlackCard’s approach requires strengthening ethical behaviour enabling all people to understand and undertake respectful relationships with each other using Aboriginal Terms of Reference.

The Boost Initiative, founded by PwC Australia and the MURRA Alumni, is designed to help strengthen business practices and build capacity within an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander organisation.

Working with PwC, BlackCard developed a strategy and implementation plan to translate the introductory model of their existing facilitator-led cultural competency training to a self-paced online course, allowing them to scale their offering and reach far more people.


Kakadu Tiny Tots is a wholly First Nations owned company that creates authentic Aboriginal clothing, accessories and artwork. Kakadu is one of two winners of the PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative in 2019, receiving skills development and expertise valued at $30,000.

“I truly love the Gheorja, Damien and Kylie PwC / Kakadu Team. The time that we have spent on my brand’s DNA has been remarkable. Pivoting to reflect and capture my customer segment is so exciting. I can’t wait to relaunch as KAKADU, the eco-friendly gift hamper site.” said owner Kylie-Lee Bradford. 

The company was founded to provide Australia with quality Aboriginal-based children’s clothing, that showcase and acknowledge the talents of the Aboriginal people of Australia. All Kakadu designs are uniquely handcrafted and originate from First Nations communities in the Northern Territory.

Since establishing, Kylie-Lee has expanded the product range from baby clothing to wellness and food products that are recognised globally for their quality and authenticity. 

The Boost Initiative, founded by PwC Australia and the MURRA Alumni, is designed to help strengthen business practices and build capacity within an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander business.

Working with PwC, Kakadu Tiny Tots has undergone a major strategic shift from focusing on products that attract domestic and international tourists, to a range of gift sets that authentically bring a bit of Kakadu to the rest of Australia and overseas. 

Kakadu Tiny Tots has completed a brand refresh and is currently in the process of setting the strategic plan for growth over the next three years. The plan will improve strategic positioning, sharpen focus on key products that align with the company brand and strengthen internal operations to enable Kakadu to grow sustainably and give back to the Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.


Marrawah Law, an Indigenous owned legal practice is the 2018 winner of the PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative, receiving skills and expertise valued at $30,000.

Marrawah Law is a multi-award winning legal practice formed in July 2018, Marrawah Law represents the combined strengths of three firms with over 75 years’ experience in the practice of law for government, corporate and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. Their expertise in the areas of native title and cultural heritage law are recognised nationally. The Firm is home to five lawyers and three administrative staff across two offices in Cairns and Brisbane.

"We are very excited to win this year’s PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative and look forward to working with PwC. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to reach our goals of increasing market share and social media engagement", said Principal Solicitor Leah Cameron.

"On behalf of PwC, I would like to congratulate Leah Cameron at Marrawah Law for winning the PwC & MURRA Boost initiative. PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting are thrilled to help grow and strengthen Marrawah Law business practices and contribute to their future success.” Kim Cheater, PwC National Reconciliation Governance Group Co-Chair.

Established in 2002, Naturecall Environmental is a one hundred percent Aboriginal owned business founded by Managing Director and Muruwari man, Steven Noy. Naturecall Environmental is committed to environmental sustainability, business growth of Indigenous owned companies and Aboriginal education and employment opportunities for Indigenous youth.

"Naturecall Environmental are thrilled to win this year’s PwC & MURRA Boost Initiative. Being given this opportunity to work with PwC will allow Naturecall to take our commitment to social responsibility and Indigenous engagement to the next level and this is something we are very excited about.” Steven Noy, Managing Director at Naturecall Environmental.

"On behalf of PwC, I would like to thank the organisations that applied for the PwC & Murra Boost Initiative this year and congratulate Steven Noy and the team at Naturecall Environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for PwC and PwC’s Indigenous Consulting to help grow their capability and contribute to their future success.” Kim Cheater, PwC National Reconciliation Governance Group Co-Chair.

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