PwC Australia has a long-held commitment to managing our impact on the environment.

PwC Australia’s role in the energy ecosystem and environment commitment 

In many countries around the world we are seeing increasing calls for corporate environmental responsibility and sustainability and, in turn, for businesses to assess their stance on a lower carbon future.

PwC global network’s environment commitment states that without convincing global action, average temperatures are predicted to increase by more than two degrees Celsius. If we reach this threshold scientists believe potentially irreversible environmental changes will occur.  While progress has been made, the reality is that current rates of decarbonisation are less than half what is needed to keep us below this threshold. At PwC Australia, we believe healthy environmental ecosystems are critical to healthy economies and we are committed to accelerating the pace of change towards a lower carbon future.  

In 2008, we were the first Australian professional services firm to become carbon neutral and we are now celebrating 12 years of continuing this commitment. We continuously review and actively work to reduce our carbon footprint, including the potential reduction in carbon from reduced air travel and increased use of renewable energy.

We recognise the way we advise our clients also has an indirect impact on the environment. We want to design solutions that help evolve Australia’s energy system in a sustainable way and we work with participants across the energy mix to achieve this. The path to emissions reduction is complex, and Australia’s contribution to a solution will be determined by successfully navigating all aspects of the issue. 

This position includes recognition that healthy environmental ecosystems are of great importance to First Nations populations globally and acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' profound spiritual connection to land. PwC Australia recognises our role in the energy ecosystem and our environment commitment extends to protecting, respecting and promoting the unique rights and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We all have a responsibility to accelerate the pace of change toward a lower carbon future and we acknowledge PwC and the business community play an important role in the transition. There is much to be done, and PwC is committed to working with all stakeholders to achieve this goal.

RE 100 Initiative

PwC globally is a proud member of the RE 100 initiative with a commitment to source 100% of the firm's electricity from renewables by 2050. 

We are already on the way to achieving our target of 70% by 2022.

In 2008, PwC Australia was the first Australian professional services firm to become carbon neutral and we are proud to continue this commitment.

Carbon Neutral

PwC Australia’s biggest carbon impacts are from our business travel and the energy we use to power our offices. Together, these activities account for 90.2% of our carbon footprint. 

In FY19, we produced 45,675 tonnes of CO2e. To take responsibility for our unavoidable emissions, we purchase carbon offsets. These offsets support projects around Australia and the world that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

This ongoing commitment is delivered through Climate Active. The certification is awarded to businesses and organisations that have credibly reached a state of achieving net zero emissions, otherwise known as carbon neutrality.  

Learn more about our certification with Climate Active here

PwC Australia's Environmental Policy

PwC is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our operations.

Download our Environmental Policy


United Nations Global Compact

PwC has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2002 and the firm aligns our strategy with its principals including those on the environment. Find out more about our commitments to the UN Global compact here:

PwC UN Global Compact communication on progress 

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