The Impact Assembly

Harnessing the power of many to create social impact that lasts

The most complex problems and the biggest opportunities in Australian society can’t be tackled by any one organisation alone. They need all parts of society to come together for big picture thinking, mutual learning and action.

Mutual learning isn’t something that happens by accident. It takes commitment, skill and resource to bring together different groups, with their own agendas and perspectives. Making sure groups stay connected needs to be someone’s day job, but it rarely is. Which is why it falls to the bottom of the list.

That’s where we come in. The Impact Assembly supports diverse groups to learn together to drive systemic change around the big challenges and big opportunities in our society. We help make sense of the different parts of the system and connect the dots between them to have the most impact.

Originally incubated within PwC’s The Difference, The Impact Assembly applies proven processes for solving complex problems through collaboration and creativity.

We work with non-profit organisations, philanthropists, corporate foundations, and groups of organisations from across sectors working together to tackle big social challenges.

We harness the power of PwC’s reach, relationships and resources to support the people making an impact in Australian society.



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How we work

The Impact Assembly works in three key ways:

  1. We assemble the right organisations, people and skillsets to come together around complex social issues and opportunities.
  2. We support them to engage in mutual learning, providing neutral facilitation to align groups on what it is they’re trying to achieve, develop a shared strategy, and continue to learn from each other over time
  3. We help groups sustain progress and momentum, keeping groups connected and moving forward. Evaluating success and evolving the shared strategy along the way.

Contact us

Liz Cameron-Smith

Co-Founder and Facilitator, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 418 668 820

Rosalie Wilkie

Partner, Social Impact, PwC Australia

Tel: +61 2 8266 8381

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