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Australian Coopers & Lybrand Milestones
1866 Andrew Lyell starts an accountancy practice with John Gowan in Melbourne.
1888 Horace Bately Allard is invited to enter the partnership of Lyell & Butler.
1893 Separate firms Lyell & Butler in Melbourne and Lyell & Allard in Sydney are established.
1913 H.B. Allard, Way & Hardie is formed in Sydney.
1926 Allard, Way & Hardie commence interstate arrangement with Adelaide firm Wilson, Danby and Ferres.
1928 Allard, Way & Hardie secures representation in Perth with Smith & Goyder.
1933 First agreement with Cooper Bros for Allard, Way & Hardie to act as agents in Australia, is negotiated by 77 year old Horace Allard during a trip to London.
1940 Official practice opens in Canberra with the acquisition of Chaplin and Holgate.
1946 Allard, Way & Hardie establishes closer relations established with Savage & Co in Brisbane.
1948 Three of the five associated firms agree to associate with Coopers Bros and are known as Coopers Bros, Way & Hardie (Sydney), Cooper Bros, Savage & Co (Brisbane) and Cooper Bros, Goyder & Co (Perth).
1958 Melbourne based Buckly & Hughes joins the Coopers Bros network.
1961 Ferres' practice in Adelaide joins Coopers Bros & Co, completing the Australian network.
1962 Partnership agrees to adopt the name Cooper Bros & Co.
1976 Australia officially adopts the name Coopers & Lybrand and a nationally integrated firm is formed.

Australian Price Waterhouse Milestones
1874 Former Price, Holyland & Waterhouse employee Joseph Flack arrives in Australia and opens an accounting practice in Melbourne, occasionally taking on work for his old firm.
1885 Davey Flack & Co is formed.
1896 Davey Flack & Co is appointed as official agents of Price Waterhouse & Co.
1896 Future senior partner and son of Joseph Flack, Edwin Flack, wins Australia's first gold medals at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens while working with Price Waterhouse & Co in London.
1904 Flack & Flack is formed when Joseph Flack partners with his son Edwin. Younger son Henry Flack later joins the practice.
1905 Flack & Flack officially opens offices in Perth after conducting audits in Western Australia since 1898.
1908 Flack & Flack Sydney offices are established.
1911 A Brisbane office for Flack & Flack opens.
1922 The chain of mainland capital city offices is complete with the opening of the Adelaide office.
1946 Price Waterhouse & Co extends Flack & Flack the invitation to join the international firm. Flack & Flack accepts.
1958 Price Waterhouse & Co opens its Canberra office.
1984 Price Waterhouse & Co's management consulting practice merges with Urwick International to form Price Waterhouse Urwick.

Australian PricewaterhouseCoopers Milestones
1998 Worldwide merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand to create PricewaterhouseCoopers.
2002 IBM acquires PwC Consulting, the global management consulting and technology services unit of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation established.
2006 Established our Private Clients business, which is dedicated to the needs of entrepreneurial business owners, managers and high-net-worth individuals and family businesses.

PwC Australia develops the four core service values of the PwC Experience, which will later be adopted globally.
2008 PwC announces plan to be carbon neutral by FY09. Acquired GEM Consulting, building our critical mass in strategy consulting and enabling us to offer comprehensive performance improvement to our clients, from planning to implementation.
2009 Acquired Clarendene Estate Planning Lawyers, Franchise Developments and Mainsheet Corporate, further strengthening our capacity in strategy consulting.
2010 Acquired boutique consultancy, The Difference. The Difference specialises in working with public and private organisations on complex issues that involve and affect multiple stakeholders.

Merged our Canberra office with professional services firm WalterTurnbull. The mid-market specialist's local knowledge deepens our expertise and service offerings.

Acquired specialist consulting firm, AshleyMunro. AshleyMunro works exclusively with entrepreneurs and high-growth business to grow capability, develop tax strategies and manage employee relations and change.

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